The HobbitReview Of Summer Reading List Essay

The Hobbit-Review Of Summer Reading List Essay, Research Paper

The Hobbit

I was fascinated by the story of The Hobbit. I thought this book was very good, and I liked it very much. The Hobbit is full of exciting events and action, making it difficult to put down.

I enjoyed many things in this book, specifically the characters and the setting. Each character Tolkien created in The Hobbit is a separate and unique individual. Bilbo Baggins, the leading hobbit in the story, is very laid back and hesitant to go out with the dwarves on their journey. Tolkien does a wonderful job of making Bilbo the most lovable character in the novel. One cannot help feeling sympathy for Mr. Baggins. The unpredictable wizard Gandalf is also a high point in The Hobbit. Coming and leaving at odd times and at his own will makes Gandalf realistically human. Each dwarf also has his own unique points and personality. The setting of The Hobbit is also captivating. Tolkien’s elaborate descriptions of all the places in the story are wonderful. Most scenes in The Hobbit are dark and mysterious, which I thought added to the grave mood of the story. The story of Bilbo’s adventures is so dangerous that the many settings of the novel had to be gloomy enough to make up for the danger. There are many outstanding characteristics in this story.

With so many excellent attributes in The Hobbit, I found it difficult to find many things that were not good. Tolkien’s choice of a conflict was not very creative. The plot of this novel is based upon the traditional “going out and taking back what is yours” story. The many kinks and side adventures made The Hobbit interesting, but the main plot of the story is still the dwarves attempting to reclaim their lost treasure from the dragon Smaug.

This book is full of adventure in a fantasy world. It should not be read by any kind of realist. Realism would take all fun and enjoyment out of The Hobbit. I think an imaginative person with a taste for action would thoroughly enjoy this book. I also think the most relevant age group to The Hobbit would be thirteen and older because if you are much younger you might have trouble understanding the plot and/or theme the book carries.

I found this novel to be full of memorable scenes and characters. One of my favorite scenes is the scene between Bilbo and Gollum. The riddle war is both very amusing and impressive. Bilbo Baggins is a character that is hard to forget. As with many fantasy or adventure books, this story does not bring out many new appreciations or good lessons, but even this cannot take away from the book. In conclusion, I think this book should stay on the summer reading list.


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