Experience That Influenced You Essay Research Paper

Experience That Influenced You Essay, Research Paper

The prompt is: Describe and evaluate one experience that significantly influenced your academic interests. Be sure to explain how this experience led to your setting the goals you know have for yourself and why you think the academic program for which you are applying will help you to reach these goals.He Opened the Door to Anywhere and AnythingMr. Trimble- the tall, bike-riding Calculus teacher who truly made me realize the value of education. As far as academics were concerned, I believed I had always tried my best in reaching my full potential. That is, until I met Mr. “T.” He made me understand that I was not going as far as I was capable of Mr. Trimble offered to help me out on a couple of problems I had been experiencing with Pre-Calculus, and after a short while he became not only a tutor, but a true friend. I cannot even begin to imagine how many hours I spent in his classroom after the last school bell had rung. Posters of music legends and helpful math mnemonics covered his walls. It was a very spirited room for the lively man he stood to be. He went over the math in great detail while also informing me of how eminently important it was for academics to be my top priority. As an avid swimmer and loyal friend, I was greatly dedicated to the sport and my social surroundings, but Mr. Trimble would always be there to tell me to slow down and repeat his key phrase, “Studying always comes first.” Although Mr. Trimble’s main purpose was to perfect my Pre-Cal, he did so much more that he was unaware of doing. He convinced me into believing that anything was possible if I put my mind to it and had a brain-full of determination. If I wanted to be the first woman President, he would say “Hey, the sky’s the limit.” After the year ended, my goals had unconsciously changed for the better. I believed in myself, my capability, and accomplishing anything as though the world was an open door to endless possibilities. I did not just want to be a newspaper reporter, my desire was to be sports editor of the New York Times.Since the University of Texas ranks as having one of the best academic curriculums in the nation, participating in such a program will challenge me tothe best of my ability, probably more than anything ever will. Under the mentoring and guidance of Mr. Trimble, I do not fear the intimidation that college puts forth, I welcome and look forward it.


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