Forestgump Essay Research Paper Forrest Gump In

Forestgump Essay, Research Paper

Forrest Gump In this paper about Forrest Gump I am going to give several historic events that occurred in the movie, and also I will give my opinion about the film. I will also tell whether or not I would recommend you seeing it. So just sit back and enjoy the show. The story takes place form the 60 s to the 90 s, in Alabama, which was a very controversial time in American history. I guess the setting would be a small town outside the city. The film did pretty well in following the historic events that took place during this time frame. Though I do feel that it was set up a little corny in the way that the main character was involved in so many of the events. The main character in the movie was Forrest Gump who was as I saw him a man who felt he was no less of a human than you or I, even though he was slow. One of the events that took place in the film was the desegregation of schools, and of course he just had to be there and play his part. Another event was, actually there were several of the, presidents getting shot. During the span of the movie there were several attempts on different presidents lives. There was Kennedy, who was shot and killed, Reagan who was shot but lived, and amongst other assassinations was Robert Kennedy and the shooting and killing of George Wallace. Another of the historical events Vietnam that is the war that took place over in Vietnam, and also there was the Black Panther rally. There was also a meeting of the vets of Vietnam protesting something. Now on the issue of what was the climax of the movie I felt that there was several. First there was when Forrest s mom died, he had to stop living out his promise of being a shrimp boat captain. Then there was when Jenny came back to him and she told him she loved him and then left the next morning. When she left she totally hurt Forrest and that is one of the main reasons that he started running

and did not stop for a little over three years. There was also the issue of what was the main characters problem. I felt that one of Forrest s main problems was that no one accepted him, even though he did not too much worry about it, there was still the problem of fitting in. The way Forrest dealt with his problem was to just be himself, I think his character was trying to say as long as you are happy with yourself nothing else matters. For Jenny there was a totally different problem she was actually trying to find herself, she tried everything from dope to sex but there still that emptiness. The way that Jenny solved her problem was by finding someone to love, and that did not happen until she had a child. So I guess she was really a bad case, but in the end it all worked out, if you call dieing from HIV working out. But she did find love and how to love herself. Which is exactly the opposite of Forrest. So I guess the message that the film is trying to get across is that you as an individual have the power over what it is you want to be and where you want to go. I also feel that another message the film is trying to get across was that there is no real destiny, you are in control. The historical impression that I retain from the film is Vietnam. That is probably only because I like to watch senseless violence. Even though I personally did not really dig the film I would recommend that you watch it. It actually had a lot of info and if you like that kind of movie it is exactly what you would want. So check it out but if you like action this is not your movie.


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