Erin Brokovich A True Woman Essay Research

Erin Brokovich: A True Woman Essay, Research Paper

Erin Brokovich: A True Woman

How can I make a difference? This is a question most of us ask ourselves at some point in our lives. Most of us wish we could but we don t try very hard at achieving that goal.

Erin Brokovich is a must see movie. It will prove if you are rich or poor, you possess the power to change someone s life. She makes us want to reach out and help others.

The subject of this film is simply Erin Brokovich, played by Julia Roberts. She is a very determined and courageous woman to say the least. In the quote,

A fiercely independent lady who is struggling to bring up her beautiful brood of three kids all on her own. With two failed marriages behind her and a dress code that would make the pope blush, Erin is subjected to prejudice from employers and the public alike. But before she can prove herself to anyone else, Erin has to prove something to herself-and when a case involving a civil claim against a power company comes up, Erin throws herself into it (Mellor).

it gives us a hint of who Erin is.

Erin s style of dress was very provocative. This dress code served as a pro and con. The con was she didn t fit in with the girls at the office. The pro was that it helped her obtain legal documents from the water board. The male clerk just couldn t say no to those boobs.

The director s opinion about the movie is someone can make a difference. The Arizona Republic states Roberts plays a real-life heroine who helped uncover one of the biggest environmental crimes in history. (Ebert)

The director uses outstanding judgment in casting Julia Roberts as Erin Brokovich. Julia brings Erin Brokovich to life.

After all, it s based on the life of a woman who made people sit up and take notice

and Roberts made sure it became a case of life imitating art (Mellor).

The conflict starts when Erin stumbles on a real estate file with medical records in it. She discovers that people s lives are at risk by water pollution. The conflict is between Erin, Ed Masry s law firm and the good citizens of Hinkley against Pacific Gas & Electric.

Erin Brokovich is an excellent film; there is not much to fault and the true story of Erin s crusade against big business is accurately told (Gleanor).

The climax had our blood rushing when Erin and Ed won this case for Hinkley s residents.

In her unconventional, fast-talking and passionate style, Erin Brokovich took up

the crusade and won the confidence of over 600 plaintiffs to secure the biggest settlement of this nature in the history of the United States (Gleanor).

The resolution is simply heartwarming. We love that she won. Erin got a bonus

Of two million. Erin goes to Donna Henson s ,( a Henkley resident) to tell her the good news. Donna s settlement was an astonishing five million. This scene of Donna and Erin s reaction , had me reaching for the Kleenex.

The film was very successful in expressing the theme. It made me want to try to make a difference myself.

The film portrayed realism. Most of us can relate to having children and going through some rough times in our lives. It also proves that life is not always easy.

She gets to play a grown up in a film that is not only based on a true story (instant kudos that one), it has heartfelt message and manages to make you laugh (Mellor).

It also showed realism in the fact where it came from. This is just very interesting

to me. Who knows what story is just waiting to be told.

Executive producer Carla Santos Shamberg heard about all this from her chiropractor, thought it would make a great film, and the rest is Brokovich s story- warts, glory and all(Brumley).

I thought the unity was outstanding. Director Steven Sorderbergh knew when to

introduce the biker boyfriend, George, who took care of her children. It let us in on the intimate part of Erin s life. It also portrayed what a good mother she was.

Deft Director Steven Sorderbergh, who brought us the faultless Out of Sight, produces a seamless story with its highs, lows and everything in between in all the right places (Mellor).

This film showed us great persuasiveness. It showed me that one person can

make a difference but when people unite the difference is amazing. In this quote,

I think for all of us, Brokovich says, close to tears, more than anything- and I still have a close connection with some of these people- it isn t necessarily the money that was won . They came together as people and were united and stood up and made a difference, for themselves and for their children. ( Brumley).

The film Erin Brokovich taught me many things. Number one, one woman can

make a difference. Number two, sometimes we have to put our lives on hold to help someone else. Finally, stop letting our lives rule us, instead let us rule our lives.


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