Television Harmful Essay Research Paper Is television

Television Harmful Essay, Research Paper

Is television harmful to children? I think television is harmful to children, but I mostly think that it isn’t. There are many shows and movies on television that are harmful to children, but there are also many television shows and movies that are not. The biggest influence that television has on children is the violence. Many people think that kids do violent things because they see it on television. For example, I read that one child started to kick his brother because he saw it on television wrestling. When they asked him why he kicked his brother, he said it was cool and he would get up right away just like on television. Now just because there are incidents like that, doesn’t mean you can stop the children from watching television. If you were to stop them from watching television, you might as well let them stop listening to some type of music. It is not just shows like wrestling that influence children. I think one of most negative influence to children is the news. They keep showing the same things over and over again. For example, after the school shooting in Colorado, the news kept going back to it again and again and again. There were many shootings right after that one.

I think I am a good example of how television has influenced children. When I was in India there were not too many shows to watch. Only on Sundays did I watch some friendly cartoons. I was one of the top students in my class. I was not forced to any violence or had been a victim to. Then we moved to America. If it was not television I would have not learned English so fast. I watched television shows whenever I had time. Even my teacher told me to watch television so I can improve my English. Now I watch all sorts of shows and movies and I have not changed much. Even though I watch more television than I used to I still behave the same.

There are also many shows that help children improve their skills. For example, Sesame Street teaches kids how to read and write. Its main focus is to help kids. There are many other shows like this that are focused to help kids. Even though some television is harmful to children the majority of it wants to help.

Many people also think that television has a negative effect on the children’s education. I think that television is a tool of education for children. It helped me a lot. It is the responsibilities of the parents to control what their children watch. Maybe some of these children act violently because they have seen violence in their home and not on television. I think that television has the most influence on children than more than anything else, so we should use that in favor for use. There has not been any evidence that television affects the education of children.

If you want to stop them from watching television, you must stop them from doing everything else that might be harmful them. We should use these technological advances in our favor to help the children.

I have reached the conclusion that even though television has a bad effect on children, it has even a more of a good effect.


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