Canterbury Tales The Friar Essay Research Paper

Canterbury Tales: The Friar Essay, Research Paper

The Friar

The name of the Friar is Hubert. The Friar is obviously a member of the clergy that is well known by all the people. Thus, as a Friar he was begger and tried to collect money any way he could for the church. Although he was not rich, he was still respected by most of the people in the community for he was able to hear confession and give absolution.

The Friar is a jolly and merry man. It seems to me that the Friar is compatable to Santa Claus in the way he dresses and looks because he wears a large, thick, light brown coat to cover his jolly self. His cape rests upon his shoulders with a belt around his waist.

“There was a Friar, a jolly one and merry, a begger, a very festive fellow.” This couplet is the best description give to us about this character. He was also a well respected man because he was a man of God, heard confessions, but was also disliked by some because of his addiction to wasting the churches money on beer. “And certainly his voice was gay and sturdy, for he sang well and played the hurdy-gurdy.” This meaning that he wasn’t shy about doing things that made him look weird. This also means that he was a scholar of the arts and could be called a ” Renaissance Man.”

During medieval society the Friar is a very important person in the clergy. His role in society is needed because he listens to confession, grants absolution, and at the same time he collects due for the church.

A very defining attribute of the Friar is the way that he talks. ” He lisped a little out of his wantoness To make his English sweet upon his tongue.” Another defining attribute is that he could always be found begging in his specified territory. He could also be found among the beer drinkers at a local tavern in medieval society.

Chaucer’s opinion of the Friar is not that good. I say this because Chaucer mentions numerous times on how the Friar performs illegal marriages with women who are too young. As well as the fact that he criticizes the Friar for settling disputes for a “small fee”, and for absolving their sins for a small fee, also.

After I read through part of my essay during class, I had the advantage of realizing that the way that I thought Chaucer was thinking was totally wrong. I now realize that Chaucer thinks that the Friar is disgrace to society because he begs for money and then goes and spends it on drinks at the local bar.


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