On The Beach Essay Research Paper In

On The Beach Essay, Research Paper

In the beginning of this story you meet Peter Holmes, who is a Lieutenant Commander in the RAN (Royal Australia Navy). Next, you meet Mary Holmes, his wife, and their baby daughter, Jennifer. Peter has to go to a city called Melbourne to have a meeting with the Admiral of the Navy. At the meeting they inform Peter that he will be a Liaison Officer on the submarine U.S.S. Scorpion and for the Commander of the submarine, Dwight Towers. Peter starts to worry about his family and how long he would be gone on the sub. Peter is told that if he stays for a few minutes that he could get his letter to Commander Towers. He stays, gets the letter, and them he goes to the sub. Peter meets Commander Towers and some of the officers that he will be on board with. Commander Towers is glad to see Peter and says that he was glad when the Admiral told him that he was the liaison officer. Peter invites Commander Towers over to his house for the weekend to relax. Commander Towers comes and meets Mary, Jennifer, and Moria, a friend of the family. Peter, Commander Towers, and Moria go to the beach while Mary stays home and takes care of Jennifer. Commander Towers and Moria go sailing and Peter Stays on the beach. Later that night Peter and Mary have a party for Commander Towers. At the end of the weekend Commander Towers and Peter go back to the sub. On the sub they get their orders about their next cruise. They will be cruising about the northern coastline of Australia checking the radiation levels. Commander Towers Promised Moria, by now they are good friends, that when they get back he would call her. They leave on the cruise and come back to Melbourne with no good information. Moria and Commander Towers get together and go one a couple of dates and Peter goes home to a scared wife. She was scared that the baby would get the case of measles that went about the sub. That weekend, Commander Towers stays at the Holmes house again. The radiation cloud from the nuclear was in the northern hemisphere was slowly moving toward them and was predicted to hit them by next September. Commander Towers and Peter receive word that they will be making a cruise through out the California coast, monitering radiation levels and looking for survivers. Also, they were sent to check out a radio signal that kept on being brodcast. They found out that the transmitter of the signal was broke and would randomly send signals out. All of California and Pearl Harbor was distroyed and that the Supreme Commander of the U.S. Navy, Commander Shaw, had died from radiation sickness and the Commander Towers was given the position of Supreme Commander of the Navy. The sub got back to Melbourne and Commander Towers contracted the flu. John Osborne, a scientific officer on the Scorpion, had decided to buy a Ferrari and to race it until the end came. He was quilifing for the Austrailian Grand Prix when his car crashed and he was eliminated from it. The government started to distribute little white pills that would kill a person and suringes that would kill a baby if people wanted them so that they didn’t have to suffer the hardships of the radiation sickness. Peter, Mary, and Jennifer all used them. Commander Towers and his crew sailed away and sunk the sub and died in it Moria and John Osbourne took the pills. Just befor Moria took the pill she said “Dwight if your on your way wait up.” and she killed herself.


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