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Voltaire was born in Paris, France in 1694 to the name of Fran ois Marie Arouet. Voltaire was the son of a notary and he was educated at the Jesuit College Louis-le-Grand. During his life Voltaire was unjustly imprisoned two times. One time from 1717 to 1718 he was sent to the Bastillle for insults to the regent, Philippe II d Orl ans, which were wrongly ascribed to him. The second time he was punished was in 1726. This time he was allowed out only because of his promise to go right to England. Well he was in England a book concerning the English nation in 1733. However though this book appeared in France in 1734 as Lettres philosophiques. This book is said to may have well started the style of English philosophy and science, which are characters of the Enlightenment.

The Enlightenment was a period of time in France during the 1700 s in which there were three many revolutions. These revolutions were being social, economical, and scientific. These Revolutions were if not started at least aided by the writings of French philosophs such as Voltaire. Voltaire was particularly upset with the type of religion there was. He believed that everyone should have his or her chance to salvation, not just a certain religion. He asserts this fact when he says And it is not evident that it would be even more reasonable to worship the sacred navel, the sacred prepuce, and the milk and dress of the Virgin Mary, then to detest and persecute one s brother

Later in England he spent time with Mme Du Ch telot. He spent much time with her because they re intellectual interest were basically the same especially in science. His connection with her lasted until her death in 1749. After her death Voltaire went to Prussia. This stay did not last long because of his relationship with Frederick II.

In the later years of hi life he spent most of them writing novels and collecting his thoughts. His style of writing was to put forth his idea and to use some subtle comedy in the process. In 1758 Voltaire purchased Ferney, which was his estate. He lived here until shortly before his death. In 1778 he was attending the first performance of his tragedy Ir ne, in Paris, and the emotion of the situation was just too much for him and he died shortly afterward.


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