Message In A Bottle Essay Research Paper

Message In A Bottle Essay, Research Paper

In the book ?Message in a bottle? by Nicolas Sparks, the main character whom the whole book is based upon is Theresa. Theresa is a mature, scared and confused adult. She has one son Kevin from a first marriage that ended in divorce. His name is Kevin. This book is heartfelt and very interesting.

Theresa is very mature. She has to manage a house with not only her life but also Kevin?s. I also feel that having the divorce it made her more cautious in the dating world. She hasn?t really dated since she divorced her ex husband. Theresa has a good job writing a column for her newspaper. She lives in Boston. Having to be a single parent has made her have a new look on the world.

Now not only is Theresa mature but she is scared. When she finds the message in a bottle from Garret to Catherine she is scared to go and find Garret. Then when she finally finds him she doesn?t think that the relationship will work between her and Garret. She remembers the times she had with her ex husband and she doesn?t want to go through it all again. But she is also good at hiding her fear.

Theresa is also confused. She loves Garret but she also isn?t sure how much and if she wants to continue seeing him even though he lives so far away. She realizes when they decide to be apart how much she truly loves him. That would confuse anyone, I think.

So as you can see Theresa is very mature confused and scared, as any person in her situation would be. I think that Nicholas Sparks made her to be strong hearted and I admire her character. I think with all of her weak points he brings out just as many or even stronger ones. Theresa Osborne is an extremely unique and interesting person.

This book is one of the best books by far that I have ever read. It is interesting and not for one bit boring or confusing. I have read ?adult? books before and they made no sense but this one grabs any reader of any age by the hand and takes them into a journey of a love story that is sweet and not very sappy. The fact that at the same time that I was reading this book my science teacher was reading it to and we both enjoyed it, that is a little odd! I was about a little less than half way through the book one Saturday night and I just sat in my room and didn?t leave till I had finished it. Nicholas Sparks is a very talented writer he has a gift of making you imagine the character?s, like you are them. You can see in your mind what they look like. I think that if you haven?t already read this book then I would rush out and read it. It is well worth the time.

I Give this book * * * * * out of * * * * * stars.


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