Princess Diana Essay Research Paper At the

Princess Diana Essay, Research Paper


t the age of thirty-six Princess Diana’s life was brought to an end but the memories of her will never be forgotten. Diana was born on July 1, 1961 and died in a tragic accident on August 31, 1997. Her life consisted of love, heartbreak, family and sharing, continuously in the eye of the public. Although her death was unexpected, what her life had already consisted of was far greater then most.


rincess Diana was married to Prince Charles on July 29, 1981. Many refer to this wedding as a “fairy tail”. Her beautiful gown and mass of 2,650 guests at St. Paul’s Cathedral make it unforgettable. The marriage lasted eleven years. With the happiness of two children, Prince William Arthur Louis and Prince Harry and the sadness of two separate lives. Princess Diana attempted suicide in 1992 after finding out about Prince Charles’ long time affair. This led to a separation in December of 1992 and a final divorce in August of 1996.


rincess Diana’s life after the divorce led to many accomplishments. The Princess contributed her time to raise money for eighty charities. She learned sign language to address a deaf association and while many looked down upon

AIDS patients she was there helping them. Diana also embraced

the homeless, the battered and drug addicted. Her heart went to everyone who needed it.


he final end to Princess Diana’s contributions was not by choice but accident. Her life ended as she was being followed by the Paparazzi. The driver of her car sped through

the tunnel and lost control. She was killed along side her companion Dodi Fayed. The world was shocked. Families crowded the televisions like they had previously done for her wedding. The smiles she had brought to many faces turned to frowns but no one will forget the happiness she derived from people and the memories she gave to all.

Quick Facts of Princess Diana’s Life

July 1, 1961 Lady Diana Soencer is born, daughter of the 8th Earl Spencer

July 29, 1981 Married to Prince Charles

June 21, 1982 Gave birth to Prince William Arthur Louis

Sep. 15, 1984 Gave birth to Prince Harry

June 15, 1992 Diana attempts suicide after finding out about Prince Charles’ affair

Dec. 9, 1992 Prime Minister announces to parliament separation of Charles and Diana

Nov. 20, 1995 Diana admits adultery with James Hewitt

Aug. 28, 1996 Final decree of divorce

Aug. 31, 1997 Diana killed in Car accident with companion Dodi Floyd


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