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** Growing up in today’s world as a teenager is overwhelming. Our lives become a life of frustruation and misunderstanding Many adults seem to have this image of teenagers being reckless , young, and uncertain., when really we are just confused and trying to get through the toughest years of our life.. highschool.

What are adolescents? Are adolescents immature adults. or mature kids? Are adolescents destructive hostile human beings? Or misunderstood people?


1 : of, relating to, or being in adolescence

2 : emotionally or intellectually immature

Well as the dictionary states.. Adolescents are immature. Can’t argue with the dictionary right? What if you looked at being a teen from a teen’s point of view? How would you define us then? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be calling us immature anymore.

There are three types of days us teens can go through. The 1st type of day is the good day. You hair is extremely perfect.. you are wearing your best outfit … nd for once… God is on your side and your parents are in a good mood! The 2nd type of day is the bad day. Your alarm clock didn’t go off and you’re late for cant find your homework … and your parents are yelling at the top of their lungs!Then comes the 3rd type of day, which is the mixed day. The one where you wake up and you think you look good but someone calls you ugly … or you worked so hard on an essay you put your heart and soul into … and you get a c.. or worse. So many things happen to us everyday.. we don’t know what to expect.. and most of the time … we are so dependent on what other people say or think … we loose controll of our own thoughts and feelings.

Teenagers today are extreemly judgmental on looks~The sad thing is some teens are so picky about their weight or the way they look.. it becomes an obsession. And this isn’t a good obsession … its a very dangerous one. Anorexia.. Bulimia … some teenage girls spend thousands of dollars a year on makeup.I have friends that have every kind of eating disorder you can think of.. and their parents have no clue. Their lives are in serious danger because they are not 115 pounds. Some teens feel they’re not good enough.. for anyone including themselves…. And when you feel you aren’t good enough, it seems like no one likes you or wants you. Some teenagers become seriously depressed because of the way they look all because others don’t view them as being the best looking.

Life as a teen does have its rewards too. Like technological thing.. such as telephones.. computers.And when you’re a teenager you have your entire life to look forward too. For some people it’s the army.. for others its college.. and some might go straight out of high school and to their desired careers. Careers like doctors, psychologists, writers and directors. OK, maybe IM getting a little ahead of myself here. Grades. “If you don’t get a 4.0 you’ll be working at a fast food place the rest of your life.” “You don’t apply yourself.” “Your too stupid.” Ya we get that.. maybe not in those exact words, but we get t he message. Please explain to me how P. E is going to help you become a doctor? Personally, I would rather have a fat doctor that knows what he’s doing, rather than a thin one who has no clue.

Today there is so much competition and pressure to do good in school it becomes a race of who can get the better grades? and on the way to ?winning? that race.. teens lie and cheet?.. just to say they got a higher over all grade.. yet they havnt learned asnything.

There are many situations where all of the above it too much for us to handle Things like college, careers, looks, grades, weight, popularity, eating disorders, and just being a teen in general. Some teens don’t learn to cope fast enough and that’s where the sex, alcohol, drugs, rebellion, and sometimes suicide come in. Why do people get high or drunk? Part of the reason is depression, part of the reason is parents, part of the reason is trying to be someone your not.

What im about to read to you is a poem written by a 14 year old girl who s name will remain annonymous


It haunts us teens everyday

when were with friends doing homework or at a party

Its a constant fear a shade in our mind

an easy way out a desperate find

some people cant take it

the hurt and the pain

the hell us teens go through everyday

The selfishness that’s our to hold

is one of ones death another man’s gold

For every own life taken by its beholder

is only getting duller we only get older

there’s no reason to go on IM sick of having to cry

Thinking about the sweet lips of suicide

We understand.. being a teen isn’t easy.. its damn hard. We know right from wrong and left from right. We know we have to get good grades and respect our parents? we understand. Being who we are.. accepting ourselves.. our talents, our faults, out hopes and dreams isn’t all that easy. Dreaming of how we might actually make it someday. So the next time you even consider judging a teen …. really think about what might be going on in their lives. Growing up in todays world is frusturating. Growing up in today’s world hurts. **


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