Science Is A Blessing To Mankind Essay

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Nothing better has happened in the history of man than the advent

of Science in his life. The world into which science came was a world

of ignorance, suffering and hardship. Science has come to relieve us of

sufferings, to remove our ignorance and to lighten our toil. In fact,

science is a faithful servant. It serves us in all walks of life.

Science is a great blessing to mankind

Science is the product of reason. It is the enemy of the superstition

and sentiment. It is concerned with the discovery of causes of

things. If anything happens scientists begin to find out how it

came about. In the absence of science, people gave fanciful reasons for such

happenings. If a person is suffering from fever, students of medical science

find out the cause of his fever by studying the physiology of human bodies.

And so is with the several other aspects of our life. Science, therefore, means

systematic knowledge of causes. Science does not depend upon the use of

our senses. Our senses are limited in their range and capacity. For example,

we do not see with our eyes how water is formed. It is by using instruments

that we come to know that water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen. The

instruments for observing, measuring and analyzing are the means by which

science proceeds to find out to true nature of things. It is impossible to

exaggerate the importance of science. Its greatest importance is seen in the

control of natural forces, and in the use of these for raising our standards of

living. Even for a bare mention of the branches of science it is enough to tell

us how valuable is the contribution of science. Physics, Chemistry, Biology,

Botany, Medial Science, Engineering, Technology, Astronomy and

Mathematics are some of the most important branches of sciences.

And now a days we have science in almost every subject. For example, there

are sciences of psychology, politic, economics and sociology. These are less

exact than the physical sciences. But all the same, we have gained a good

deal from the application of scientific methods in the study of these subjects.

So the physical, mental, moral, and social sciences together form a body of

knowledge, which we apply in making life comfortable, prosperous and

happy. Science frees our minds from the bondage superstition and

ignorance. Our minds become sources of light. They will be freed from the

darkness of ignorance, which is our chief enemy. Knowledge gives power,

and ignorance causes weakness. We suffer when we are ignorant. The habit

of reasoning, inquiring, and questioning is the greatest gift of science. It is

this dispassionate outlook, which tell us the cause of all things. This is the

emancipation of the human mind from the errors ignorance. We see clearly

when we think scientifically. We do this when we control our passions,

prejudices and sentiments. We will never know the truth of things unless we

see them dispassionately. It is the clear light of reason that shows the truth of

things. Science, thus, is a blessing to mankind. It increases our power of

nature and helps us to raise our standards of life. It frees us from wants by

supplying us the needs. In addition, it makes our minds free from

superstition, prejudice and passion. I n this way, science gives us both

physical and mental benefits. Our bodies as well as our minds become fed

and developed. We can live very comfortable with the benefits of science.

Today, science is the most influential and powerful factor governing the

activities of mankind. The advance of science is considered to be advance of

civilization. Civilization stands for a number of things. It refers to the

progress of mankind on several plans, physical intellectual as well as moral

and spiritual. If science is the part of civilization, it is to be seen how far it

has helped the different kinds of progress, which civilization stands for.

In order to know whether science has enriched human civilization, the real

test is to find out if it has given us better ideas and nobler conduct of life.

Are we better than out predecessors? that is the real question. The question

can be answered when we find out whether we are more just, more kind,

more honest, more humanitarian and peace loving than our forefathers.

It appears that our ideas and conduct have improved in some ways. For

instance, today democracy is accepted as the best form of government

almost everywhere. And democracy implies certain equality, which was

unknown before. Science has made democracy possible. Women today,

enjoy same rights as men. In international politics, the right of every nation,

to govern itself is accepted. In the past, the common man was expected to

work for a few rules. He had no right to vote. He had no share in the

government either. He was not consulted in forming government. The

policies of a country were made by handful of rulers. Things have changed

now. Science brought industrialization. It created a new class of workers in

factories and mines.

Science is the greatest factor against wars. It is the greatest force

because of which war has become so destructive and senseless that it is no

longer a profitable adventure. Nations fight for gain. There is no gain in

atomic wars. The country that uses hydrogen bomb causes as much harm as

to itself as to enemy. Then there are hydrogen bombs on both sides. No

country today can escape the harm in a war. Again, if a country destroys

another with the help of atomic weapons and itself escapes, it will gain

nothing. A country on which large number of hydrogen bombs are dropped

become uninhabitable. Human beings can no longer live in such a country.

Thus, science seemed to have banned war. New scientific weapons, no

doubt, cause greater destruction in a war. But at the same time, science

brings down the rate of death because of the new medicines it has invented.

In the past, a large number of people died as a result of disease than of actual

fighting. Today many are killed, but a much larger number is saved because

they are protected against disease. Science has developed powerful factors,

which go against war. Modern means of communication and transport

brought man nearer to man. They have made closer contacts possibilities.

The nations of world meet at U.N.O. They meet and exchange ideas through

the press, the radio, and the films. They have opportunities to come closer in

worldwide organizations. They can start movements that can spread over the

whole world. Thus, men now have the feelings of brotherhood, which go

against the feelings of war. In recent years, great organizations and

movements have been formed. For example, a great peace movement spread

over the whole world. It united the people against the use of atomic

weapons. This was one of the reasons why America did not use atom bomb

in Korea. Science has thus; made it possible for common man and woman of

the world to make their opinions felt. The time is gone when few

individuals, who ran the government, could decide upon war. The people,

and not the governments, now decide the issue of war and peace. Surely, the

common people of the world will not allow wars. This is possible only

because the science has given them the power to meet each other. It is

senseless to blame science for the modern wars. Science is no doubt, a factor

in war, but it is even more powerful factor for peace. The future of world lies

with science. Science and science alone can deliver man from the constant

fear of terrible war. Without science, there would be no possibility of

abolishing war.

Science has transformed our daily lives. Gone are the days when only

rich men would afford luxuries. Science has made them cheap and has

brought them within the reach of everybody. Science produces goods on

large scale. Books, music and all other forms of entertainment have been

brought to our doors. Radios and cinemas help us in passing out time in

entertainments. Books, magazines and interesting journals bring us

information and delight. Shoes, clothes and other necessities of life are

produced on larger scale than ever before. Surely, the daily life of common

man is very different from what it used to be once. Science is our most

faithful medical attendant. It shows every care for our own health. Science

has cured us of many diseases. I t has given us the power to keep epidemics

in check. No longer are the small pox, cholera and plague the ravages of

mankind.Science gives the power to kill the germs, which spread these

diseases. Wonderful drugs relieve us of pain and disease. There is hardly any

disease today, which can be called incurable. Science has made traveling a

pleasure. We can travel from one end of the country to the other in

comparative ease. We can go anywhere in the word without any danger or

much inconvenience. Scores means of transportation are at out disposal.

Taxis, cars, buses, and trains carry us from one end of a big city to other in

no time. Aeroplanes carry us swiftly over longer distances. No less happy

could be the laborers with the science. Science has taken upon itself their

duties . Man no longer needs told backbreaking jobs of digging into the coal

and iron mines for his bare hands.Huge machines have taken such killing

upon their hands. Every factory is a standing tribute of science and comfort

that science has brought into our life. But this is by no means the end of

blessing of science. Another great service that this servant does for us is to

educate. Science has built great printing presses, which produce a large

number of books at cheap rates. It has placed at our disposal to such of

means to expel ignorance from mankind. News is brought to us from every

corner of the world through the newspaper, radio, and television. The result

is that superstition and ignorance find it difficult now to thrive. In this

century, electricity had made such tremendous progress that the past

miracles of science fade into insignificance when compared with its present

wonders. The telephone and the electric telegraph appear to us as child s

playthings. We are no longer struck with wonder. Undoubtedly, the greatest

wonder of science today, is the wireless. Invented in 1895 by young Italian

scientist Marconi, it was perfected and improved during the first quarter of

the twentieth century. In the beginning, the scientist could send a message

on the wireless up to a limited distance. Today, we can flash a message from

the South Pole to the North Pole. The wireless has annihilated time as well

as space. It is one of those things that have made the whole world one. Who

in the past would have ever dreamt of such a thing? Undoubtedly it

transcends the wildest conjectures of poet or a visionary. From the wireless,

the radio was only a natural and inevitable step. The radio, now a days, ranks

as the highest form of recreation and entertainment. The wireless telephone

is another recent miracle of science. Every sailing vessel and every flying

machine is equipped with this apparatus. So that, while a ship is sailing on

the ocean, or a plane is flying in the sky, the passengers can communicate

with the people residing in any part of the world. If a ship catches fire, a

timely S.O.S. flashes the news across the entire globe. Every police car is

equipped with a wireless set, so that the investigating officer can always

consult the headquarters. Today the television has become a reality, only

because of science. In addition to this, science is helping architects and

engineers in constructing skyscrapers and digging big canals. The electric

cranes and machines lift huge weights like heavy girders and swing them

into their right position. Many storied buildings, which are such a

characteristic feature of America, are built with the help of ingenious electric


So the importance of science is granted on all hands. There is no doubt

that science has made our world heavenly. It has turned our earth to

paradise. It can control nature and create great power and wealth. Science is

a very breath of the modern world. Without science world would not be

what it is. Thus, science has proved to be great blessing. I t is a servant

which can do everything. It is our duty to see that services of science are

utilized by us properly.




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