HeartbreakerVs Sweetheart Essay Research Paper Heartbreaker vs

Heartbreaker-Vs- Sweetheart Essay, Research Paper

Heartbreaker -vs- Sweetheart

From my dating experiences in the past, I have come to realize that of all the different guys that there are two main types. The first one I call the heartbreaker and the other is the sweetheart. This observation, that I have made, is not based on appearance, and it is mostly based on my own opinion.

When I was in high school I dated the football star, who was the most popular guy in school, and I thought it was the best thing that could happen… until I got to know him. This guy was very possessive, controlling, and extremely cocky. He was a heartbreaker type and luckily enough, I realized that before it was too late! The typical heartbreaker type is usually a very aggressive, selfish person. He often times is the guy who seems too good to be true. When involved in a relationship, the heartbreaker feels the need to be in control and to make most of the decisions. Sometimes he can be emotionally and physically abusive. This guy has probably been known to brag about “how far he got” with a girl sexually. Of course this would develop a bad reputation for him. He has more than likely had several girlfriends with each lasting only a short while (no more than 3 or 4 months each). Many of theses guys are scared of getting hurt, themselves, so they feel as if they’re being protective of themselves from being hurt by avoiding any kind of emotional attachment with a female. These guys will also have low self esteems, but they hide this by pretending they love who they are, and acting conceited. This in turn forces them to put others down to boost themselves up. This heartbreaker guy is not respectful of the girls he dates. Some of these guys think of girls as being just another name on their list of sexual accomplishments. I always try to avoid this kind of guy, but sometimes it’s hard to spot them out because they are very manipulative and deceitful.

Not all guys fall into that category, though. I have a loving boyfriend who is never selfish, hateful, or uncaring. He is very trustworthy and I can count on him as my best friend as well as my partner in our relationship. He is the kind of guy I call the sweetheart. This caring individual is honest, passive, gentle, and most always trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about this guy cheating on you, because he is a one-girl type of guy. The sweetheart doesn’t rush into a relationship or into physical closeness. This guy is a good listener and cares about his dating partner’s life. You will find the parents of girls who date this guy tend to always approve of him and even like him because he is respectful and has good morals as well as good intentions. All of his relationships probably have been long lasting, and there are very few of them. The sweetheart doesn’t feel threatened by other guys because he has good confidence, which makes him a non-jealous person. While involved in a relationship the sweetheart guy will say and do things to show that he cares; whereas the heartbreaker will not prove that actions speak louder than words. The sweetheart is not quick to say he’s in love, because he is cautious to be sure, so no feelings are hurt.

It is safe to say that there are many guys that don’t fall into either one of these categories. The heartbreaker and the sweetheart are two extreme opposites. I am sad to say that it seems as if many girls are attracted to the heartbreaker guy verses the sweetheart. It’s true that “nice guys finish last,” but in the end I think that the heart breaker will be lonely, whereas the sweetheart will be in a happy, healthy relationship.


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