Was The Industrial Revolution Good Or Bad

For Society? Essay, Research Paper

Was The Industrial Revolution Good or Bad For Society. In my opinion I think this was the best thing that happened to Europe. Where do you really think England would be if the country did not Revolve? It would most likely be a third world country with out it. England was blessed with good harbors, natural resources, and a favorable climate. Who wouldn’t take this opportunity to try and make the country a better place to live? I know I sure would.

Of course at the start of the industrial revolution would be hard. If you heard change people always think of the immediate changes, but never think of the changes down the road. The most significant changes that happened in the revolution was better food, shelter, and clothing.The best thing was that, the clothing was available at lower prices so the lower class actually could afford to buy it. This was the same for all items that were in a person’s everyday life. So this in turned made the living conditions for the average person greatly improved. This worked just like a domino affect. As the living conditions in the country improved, the cities became larger due to better public sanitation and public safety.

Another turn for the better was the creation of the new form of Business, known as Corporations. This meant that the public would be able to buy shares from this organization. This benefit to the public because then they could also get rich rather than just one person. Then there is the problem with three classes. Personally, I think it’s not fair to the citizens. The industrial revolution made it possible for the second class to gain position in society, not by birth but by wealth This possibly opened doors for the Third Class, so they can have social status.

One Problem During The Revolution, there was unemployment. This was because of the new invention’s that took away from the peoples jobs. I think this is actually good because a machine can’t call in sick, because of a torn muscle. I think machines do a better job than a person, a machine can’t get off task like a person can. Also a problem that the people complained about was that there was no safety devices. If the workers knew that the machines don’t have safety devices they should be more aware.

The Industrial Revolution helped the country of England out a lot, I don’t see why they were upset with it. It benefited the country, and helped it stand on it’s feet. I think that the industrial revolution should be see as a pillar that held the country up. If the country never industrialized it would be falling apart today.


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