Untitled Essay Research Paper 7 I have

Untitled Essay, Research Paper

7. I have chosen the character Abigail and will show the impact she had on the witch hunt in Salem because of her strong leadership and the accusations she made towards others in Salem.Abby was a very fluensul girl in the play and the other girls looked up to her and would follow along for what ever she told them. A few examples of something that she did was she wanted to get rid of elizabeth so she used the witch hunts to here advanatege. She seen Marry Warren in court making a poppet for Elizabeth and noticed that she put the neddle in it for safe keeping. Marry gave the poppet to her and the next day Abby took a pin and stuck it in her stomach and told the gudge and jury that Elizabeth sent here spiret out to get here and that ahe was a witch. This accusation led to an evestigation of her house were they found the poppet that marry warren gave her. When they found the needle in the poppet that was proff for them that she was a witch and was taken away.When they were in the court room and they were guestioning marry warren and the trut was starting to come out Abby starts to pretend that it is freezing all of the sudden, ” A wind, a cold wind has come, has come”pg.108 . All the other girls follow abby because she is like there leader and start saying I freeze it is cold. One of the girls mercy lewis says”mary, do u send this shadow on me?” pg.109This gets mary upset and she does not want to speak any more. This would have been a very important part of the trial because marry was going to tell the truth for what really happened but she got to upset and had to stop.Another example in the play is on pg. 114 when Abby preteneds to see a yellow bird up on the rafter and all of the girls go along with her. Abby claimed it was abby that sent the bird. Abby makes it look like the bird is there to hurt her. Mary is like I dident do it and than Abby startes to repeat everything marry says and the girls again join in. Marry gets so upset that she cant take it any more and wants to be back in with the group.All of these things are very convincing to the jury because back than they really did belive in witches and all they need for proof is a name that someone is a witch and that is proof for them. All these accusation and this things she claimed to happen led to a lot of death for example Jon Procter.He was thought to be a witch after he was trying to defend his wife who was accused by abby of being a witch.All of these things contribute to my understanding of the play because it shows me that people were being killed of now reason and all it took was they word of someone like abby to accuse them to save herself


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