Isearch Paper On Malcolm X Essay Research

Isearch Paper On Malcolm X Essay, Research Paper

The United State?s Government was created to run a country and at the same it was set up for it to regulate itself in the process. One of the American points this government is based is the separation of powers. It was purposely set up with a check and balance system to keep all the powers in line. It is true that sometime, the presidental campaign promises are broken or members of Congress are ineffective in balancing groups? demands. But this is just a factor of this system that has work for so many years. Even today the presidency grows stronger with every term, and is allowed to get away with more, and more for each time he is in office. Sure this can a good in many ways, one such is overcoming the immobilization of the government. It can also be a larger problem in it self. Who is going to keep the executive branch of the government? Imagine a President able to abuse their power of office in any way they like. It could be a catastrophe in the running of our government. So essence gridlock is just another sense of a check in or country.

Gridlock has been in the in our country as long as it has been a country. The major cause of gridlock is the fact that our government is run by different parties. The major flaw in this is that these parties have different views and beliefs how this government should be ran. Gridlock occurs when these parties do not agree on a bill or law that is about or defines laws and policies. The most common area to see this the immobilization happen is between congress and the president. This is primarily because it is rare to see the president and the majority of the house to be of the same party. A solution to controlling gridlock would be a bipartisan system of voting.

A strict proponent of a majoritarian democracy would solve the problem of gridlock by turning an opinion poll. This would get the people?s voice into government, rather then the voice of the special interest groups. The majoritarian model would also use the powers of the presidency to control gridlock. They would put little power into congress and have a strong Executive branch of government. With a president that has more power, there would be little to none friction between government. The president would have the final word on all decision on all policies. But on the same hand the president would push more for what the people want out of government.

In a strict proponent of a pluralist democracy would resolve the problem of gridlock by increasing congress? power and having them work on internal problems without influence from the public at large. They would base their decisions on the information they received from the interest groups. The pluralist would do this because they believe the public is not well enough informed about any matters preceding to the way this country is ran. That and the fact that the public is to easily influence by the media. On the same hand the pluralist believe that if people want to take part in their government they will join special interest groups that match their views and beliefs.

In this mixture of pluralist and majoritarian government it is very hard to hold elected officials for their actions, but not impossible. The main tendency of an elected official is to do what makes him look best, for job security. They will not always do what is the best for their country or state, but what best for reelection. On the other hand these position holders are easily blame for any thing that goes wrong while they are in office. An example of this would be the making of laws. They love to take the credit for what laws they get passed, but if it fails they are criticized for the whole ordeal. If an elected official does something the public does not like they have very little they can do about it though. When this occurs the mass public can try to a couple of things. First they could try to have that official impeached if the action was serious enough. The second thing they could do is wait until the next election and not reelected that official again. And last of all the public could voice their opinion of the official?s actions by writing a letter, or even an e-mail straight to the office of the official. Knowing this these elected members of the government can and do make decisions sometime for and against the public just know that no immediate action will be done to that official.

We could reconcile the tension between governmental offices and cut down on the gridlock in a couple of ways. First the tension is cut when the party identification is the same for both the majority of congress and the presidential office. This will make thing flow smoother by have everyone on the same page. There while be less gridlock because their will be less fighting between the parties about the little things in government. A perfect example of this is the latest congress elected and president elected; they are all fighting on the same side and not against one another. The second way things are accomplished in government is by dealing in between the parties. This barter system is how thing are passed with out the parties being the same in both offices. These barters may include swapping votes for different thing and sporting each other?s bills. But no matter what is done there is always going to be tension between elected officials, because no two politicians have exactly the same views on a subject.


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