How Internet Affects Your Health Essay Research

How Internet Affects Your Health Essay, Research Paper

In the beginning of my survey I thought that most of the people would be online for about an average of about an hour. But as my survey kept being filled I was surprised to see that a lot of people these days are staying online or on the web for large amounts of time. I have also noticed that large amounts of Internet use can affect your health in a lot of ways. First of all, in the survey I took most people that took longer than 1-2 hours mostly have glasses. This might be because they are exposed to the monitor for a long period of time. Especially when the computer monitor is right in front or near your face. Computer monitors are just like TVs and to have long exposures of them are very hazardous to your health. And also, straining your eyes on the monitor for a long period of time is also not healthy for your eyes. This also, varies depending on your monitor size. Most people have small monitors (15 or smaller) and that is not bad for home PCs but have monitors that exceed 17 are not very good for your eyes especially if your monitor is near your face. Another reason it affects your health is if you have to turn your head to look at the monitor. Although most people have the monitor in front of their face, Some people have their monitor in a certain angle so they would have to turn or tilt their heads. This affects your health a lot because you can get neck injuries if you constantly look down and up at your monitor. There are a lot of cases where business men that use their computer at home a lot have hurt their neck or cannot turn their neck straight because of having their monitors in a certain position. Another way it effects your health is the computer CPU fan. The propose of the computer fan is to keep your CPU at a low temp. And keep your CPU running at a peak speed, But there are some things that can be bad for your health about the fan. Examples are that most CPU fan do not have filters. Most computers inside collect a lot of dust and those dust mites are very dangerous to your health, as your

Computer is running and you are breathing, some of the floating around dust particles from your computer can get in your nose, mouth, or ear. Those dust particles are full of hazardous to your health particle. Including those that can get you very, very sick. In some cases, They can even make you sick for a long period of time. Another way it relates to health is when your use the keyboard. Keyboards are what makes all those letters appears on the screen but learning t use the keyboard correctly is the best way to go because there are right and wrong ways to use the keyboard. Some people use the keyboard the wrong way and after excess time of using the keyboard their hands start to hurt or strain. This is not good to your health because if your fingers are in discomfort position for a long time then it could hurt your fingers and could give pain permanently. Another reason it affects your health is the way you sit down on your chair. This affects your health a lot because if your posture is wrong while you sit down at your desk then when you later grow to be older you will have a bad back. A lot of workers that work in big businesses now start to wear braces around their waists so they do not hurt it. Most people that have back problems have been the ones that are on the computer.

Last of all, The year 2000 is near and the famous Y2K bug. This affects health in a large way because supposedly, the Year 2000 bug is supposed to kill all electricity and all power in the world. The reason this affects us is because without any of these resources we would not be able to live and to not be able to drink, eat, or have warm place to stay in the winter can be very dangerous to our health.

The final thought that I have made on my report is that even though you may have thought that the computer has anything to do with health. Computers are what we are living with and will continue to live with and to know about the hazards the computer has on us to very important to know. I thought this report was very fun and interesting to do because computers are something that I enjoy as a pastime and to know about what I have playing or working with is also a very good benefit to me.


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