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Renassiance Art Essay Research Paper During the

Renassiance Art Essay, Research Paper

During the Renaissance, artist were no longer regarded as mere artisans, as they has been in the medieval past, but for the first time emerged as independent personalities, comparable poets and writers. They began to express their ideas even though the art still remained religious in nature but add their own individual style and emotions. However art also went through many drastic changes and was influenced by many great arts like Giotto, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Masaccio.

Giotto was one of many artists who expressed his ideas in Italian art. He used three-dimensional images, which was a drastic change from classical art where depth was not used. At he was one of the first artist who painted something from his opinion. However, Giotto expressed his opinion and thoughts so greatly that he inspired even the great Michaelango. This great artist was ahead of his time and was able to paint ideas that were very popular in the time. Giotto expressed the ideas by giving depth to his to the artwork and the illusion of movement. Even thought, not much of his work is left it is obvious that he expressed the Renaissance ideas in his art work in many ways and contributed in helping express the ideas of the times.

Another great artist who expressed his ideas in artwork was Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519). Leonardo Da Vinci is considered the Renaissance Man since he was skilled in many different things such as being a painter, writer, engineer, scientist and other things. However, Leonardo Da Vinci is know mostly for his great art work such as the paintings of Mona Lisa and Moses which show pure beauty. Leonardo expressed new ideas in his artwork by using new techniques and exploring new ways to looking at certain things. Leonardo was a great artist who influenced the artwork of future artists. He was a great artist that showed people that new things were possible and they should not be scared to try new things. Leonardo Da Vinci was so good in expressing the ideas and thought of the Renaissance that his work influenced all of Italian work in many different ways.

One of the greatest painters of the Italian Renaissance was Masaccio whose application of scientific perspective and depiction of natural lighting represent an important step in the development of modern painting. Masaccio expressed Renaissance ideas in his artwork using scientific methods, which gave the pictures a more realistic look and also helped make the idea more realistic. However, Masaccio did not only use scientific methods to make his pictures look really but he painted things that no one ever saw. His idea of religion was expressed in many of his work such as the painting called Madonna with St. Anne was he expressed his religious believes. Also a fresco from the series for the Brancacci Chapel expressed his ideas about the human body. There is other work by him that expresses many other ideas but these are two most important and influenced things the most.

During the Renaissance artist had many different ideas and were encouraged to express them, which was possible because of new techniques developed. Artist from the Renaissance contributed to helping us understand the way things were during the time period and also the artwork shows all the new ways of painting things. The time of Renaissance made artist great it was all because they were able to express them selves and take art to the next level, which was being able to paint things, based on their opinion. Also the artwork from this time period shows that many people had different opinions it was a good thing that artist were able to express themselves other wise we would never know how painted what or what their thoughts were.

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