Do Computers And Internet Make Essay Research

Do Computers And Internet Make Essay, Research Paper

Computers are becoming an important piece of equipment in our daily life. Computers not only enable us to better achieve our tasks, but are also a way to of sharing and communicating with others around the world. Whereas computers and technology are so close together, they are giving humans a new rhythm in their lives. Both technology and Computers are more than ever present in our daily routines helping us achieve our objectives in a faster, secure and more professional way.

The aim of this report is to evaluate whether Computers and Internet make people more productive. According to the information gathered, it turns out that in most cases they do in fact improve the overall productivity of people.

It s amazing how many new communications discoveries have improved the way people work, behave and conduct their lives. The term productive can be explained as Yielding favorable or useful results; constructive. Or involved in the creation of goods and services to produce wealthy or value . 1

Let me start by providing some of the new technological terms that have been changing the lifestyle of many people. Internet, or Information Super Highway, is aimed to improve accesses to information and corporate resources. This communication will allow people to move faster, control communications costs, and overcome distance. It can also make your people more productive, empowering them with new tools to help meet business objectives. 2 Thanks to the Internet, people are more than ever able to share their information, thoughts and ideas faster.

Another technology being used nowadays is called telecommuting. A simple explanation is that employees can now work from home, without having to go to their offices. According to many surveys, the number of people whom will adopt this working method will reach 45 millions people in the United States by the Year 2000. Telecommuting provides me with a lot of flexibility And it allows me to balance my work load with my personal life. I feel that I’m definitely more productive. 3

This can only be accomplished by the lower price of hardware and software available in the market today. In addition, with lower-cost high-tech home office equipment available, the approach saves employers money on office space and overhead.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, compared to the endless ways of how the use of Computers integrated with an Internet connection can make people more productive.

Furthermore, lower software prices together with very well designed computer interfaces can also increase the productivity of workers. I can certainly say that well-designed user interface helps me better accomplish my daily tasks at work. Why? One of the major changes in computer technology has been the development of icons instead of command driven interfaces. According to the use of Human-Computer Interaction Studies, only 5% to 20% of user interactions typically involve help, but although this reflects a small percentage in terms of data collection it can be very substantial one in terms of effort and frustration! 4 GUI (Graphical User Interface) also provides interface options not available in character mode. The chance that they’re all irrelevant is slight; some will let you make people more productive. 5

An image is easier to be recognized by humans; thus well-designed software facilitates the tasks included in performing your job. This method yields constructive results, which is one of the definitions for productivity.

In addition to that, many changes have been made in the way in which people connect themselves. The terminology LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) are the methods used for people to connect in an office, within their houses or with friends around the world.

Network Structure is related to the people working under the same building but not in the same area. The connections between different floors within a company can be achieved by using LANs. By means of LANs and WANs, people can contact their co-workers within the same building or the other side of the world by only sending them an e-mail message. Not only does this kind of information technology give people the ability to do their jobs more effectively, but also allows them to respond faster, yielding more productivity. So, for instance, if your company has internal web sites in London, Singapore, Seattle, and New York, someone with a web browser could retrieve information from any of those sites with equal ease. 6 Again, this technique produces, in my opinion, favorable results not only for the user but also for the company. The aim is to make people more productive, to reduce cost and provide the best quality possible. To achieve this stage, such tools are necessary today.

Not only e-mail messages make things simpler but also improve the speed in which people received/send their answers. A valid example where a user needs faster help is when a computer problem arises or you need to find out the next flight to Spain . Instead of calling the Telephone Company and asking for the telephone number of the carrier, one can just check the Internet for a fast, reliable information. Another example is when you need to fix your computer. You need that information as fast as you can get it. Nowadays, the use of on-line help has been proven a true value. Problems with printers, files and computers bugs can arise at any time. On-line help can easily provide that information for you or your company faster than spending time finding the number to call to customer service for help. Less time to fix the problem means more time to be productive.

This example explains the ability to generate services, another explanation of productivity.

Much has been said about the Internet and computers. But can computers without the Internet increase people s productivity? I strongly believe that computers have increased the speed in which we accomplish our activities. According to many studies, my assumption is not always correct. A report states that

Information processing continues to be the principal task undertaken by America’s work force. Over half the labor force is employed in information-handling activities. Overall productivity growth appears to have slowed significantly since the early 1970s and measured productivity growth has fallen especially sharply in the service sectors 7

But it also states that computers helped people to be more confident and therefore to feel more comfortable making decisions on their own. Computers are able to provide people with resources and material to facilitate their decision-making. They are becoming user-friendly enough for all to be able to use. This is one of the main reasons why the hi-tech companies today are facing such a state of grace, with outrageous revenues and endless room for new development of products.

Many others believe that what is happening now is just the beginning and that we are entering in a new era as described by Peter Schwartz. He states that

We are watching the beginnings of a global economic boom on a scale never experienced before. We have entered a period of sustained growth that could eventually double the world’s economy every dozen years and bring increasing prosperity 8

With all this new technology emerging is not difficult to agree that much more is yet to come. If all the new technology will make tasks easier, improve quality and increase productivity, let this technology be part of the world and accessible by people.

As stated before, computers are becoming a very important piece of equipment in our lives. Much can be done with computers. They are only tools that need to be driven by a smart, intelligent individual to generate the best outputs possible.


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