Columbine Cause And Effects Essay Research Paper

Columbine, Cause And Effects Essay, Research Paper

Columbine Cause and Effects

Earlier this year, on one fine day, two teenagers walked onto the campus of Columbine high school and started shooting. They injured and killed a number of people and also destroyed a large amount of property with their home-made pipe bombs and grenades. When they realized they were surrounded by S.W.A.T. teams, the two psychos committed suicide in the school library.

The results of their actions are still being felt. All across the country, teachers have become scared of students. All of a sudden, they were very much aware that everyone in their classroom could recreate columbine. The kids they taught on a daily basis would never be seen in the same light again. Each would be seen as a potential murderer. Some teachers have quit outright, while others hide their fear and continued to teach albeit a little more timid then before.

Another effect of the columbine tragedy is that unusual kids are looked at with suspicion. Since the two kids involved in the affair were anti-social and stand offish, every teenager who seeks to keep to themselves, is treated as a pariah. Every eye is on them, ready to duck for cover if they crack. It was hard enough to make friends before, now, for them, it is impossible. Nobody wants to be involved with a potential head case.

A further development is that high schools are increasing their level of security to insure that another columbine doesn t happen. The metal detectors, cameras, and X-ray machines may keep side arms to a minimum, but they make the students feel suspected and insecure. Some schools have gone even farther and started training their students in terrorist response tactics. This tends to reinforce the feelings of insecurity within the student body.

Probably the only good thing to come of this is that parents are re-evaluating their kids. Gone are the days when mothers and fathers went to work and simply assumed that their children were all right. Now, they are paying attention to what their kids are doing and taking the time to get involved in their lives. Now, parents are slowly relearning how to raise their kids.


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