Gun Control Essay Research Paper The following

Gun Control Essay, Research Paper

The following is an excerpt from an ABC news broadcast on September 16, 1999:

And so it has happened once again. After the massacre at Columbine High School and a day trading firm in Atlanta and the Jewish daycare center in Los Angeles, now someone has walked into a church in Fort Worth, Texas and started shooting. The target, 150 teenagers attending a prayer service. Once again we are learning about the killer. Larry Ashbrook, a man with no criminal record but a history of mental problems. A man who bought his guns legally. And once again the attorney general and the president are calling for action, for some way to stop the carnage.

Three adults and three teenagers were killed that day. Imagine that one of these teenagers was your best friends. Your best friend was shot by Larry Ashbrook, a man that was suffering from depression. He should not have been able to buy a gun legally. This is one of the many cases where gun control could have prevented the deaths of many innocent lives.

I was thinking one day, and I came up with what we

can do to obtain gun control in our schools. I

realized that a scholar would do anything their role

model does. I think to myself sometimes, it s a

disgrace hearing someone my age kill someone, but it s

a dishonor hearing about a five or a six year old

killing someone.

News and Media always say the parent should

embrace themselves in their child s life. This is not

true most of the time. The child knows deep down

inside, what s right and what s not, but they don t

think. We can do a lot of things to obtain guns from

our schools and the first thing is to have security at

every school. By this no one will bring a gun to


As I stated earlier, scholars do what there role

model does. What I mean by this is if a child sees

there role model on there way to school in a corner

buying a gun, the next day or even the next week that

child might too. If for instance if the child saw

there role model asking a teacher for help at school

maybe that child will too. The problem with America s

teen today is they don t know right from wrong and we

need to teach them. I can sit here, and think of ways

to stop the gun usage in our schools and I came up

with only one answer. If the person thinks really deep

down they will think to themselves that what they are

doing is wrong, and they themselves can change the

whole situation. There really is one medicine to cure

gun control and that is do what you think is the best,

and the outcome is always adequate.

It has been said by the Parent Institute everyday,

fourteen American children are killed with guns. For

every child killed with guns four are wounded. Which

means that every year 5,040 children s are killed

which means, this is one of America s major problem.

There only is one way to obtain guns in our schools,

and that is if the teens themselves want to change the



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