Robert E Lee Essay Research Paper A

Robert E. Lee Essay, Research Paper

A Southern Hero

It all started on January 19, 1807. A little baby boy was born, not yeet know to be a hero. Young Robert admired two wonderful soldiers, George Washington and his very own father, Henry Lee. Robert was born on January 19th to Henry and Anne Carter Lee, in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Robert was eleven when his father died in 1818. Robert’s father was a good soldier. Henry was a Revolutionary War leader and Govenor of West Virginia.

On the first on July 1825, Robert entered into West Point located on the Hudson River. At that time he met his first and true friend, Joseph E. Johnston. Robert never broke any ruesand regulations. Robert was a model cadet without a demerit to his name. In 1829 he became a Second Lieutenent of Engineers in the United States Army.

After several years of courtship, Roberta and Mary were wed on June 30, 1831.

Since Robert worked with the Army Corps of Engineers, he and Mary traveled frequently over the next few years.

In 1846 there was a war between the United States and Mexico. Robert was called to duty. During the war with Mexico Robert recieved several field commisions. When he returned he was a Colonel.

On September 1, 1852, the War department named him Superintendent of the West Point Military Academy.

Robert and Mary had six children. HE had pet names for almost all of them. First was Curtic(”Boo”),second was Mary(”My drum amjor”), thrird was William Fitzhugh(”Rooney”),fourth was Ann Carter anmed afer her mother, last born was Robert Edward.

IN the years that followed, tension between the north and the south rose and on April12, 1861 “The War Between the States” began. Robert was offered the positon General of the Union Army. He refused because he felt it was his duty to defend his state, Virginia. During the war he commanded the armies on his favorite horse “Travelor”. After many battles, starvation, and harsh weather, General Robert E. Lee surrendered on April 9, 1865.

After the war, General Lee was offered the Presidency of George Washington University and travelled there in September 1865 with his beloved horse, Tarvelor. The University was renamed Washington and Lee University after his death. General Lee became ill and died on October 12, 1870. His last order was “Strike the tent”.


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