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Oskar Schindler Essay Research Paper With the

Oskar Schindler Essay, Research Paper

With the near destruction of a Jewish nation came the rebuilding of a unifiednation, it may not had been the one that Hitler had envisioned , but it was onethat brought to us understanding, a gift that should never be looked downupon. That gift was bestowed to some even before we knew it existed. OskarSchindler understood, he understood that Germany was wrong, he understoodthat all he could do is help against Naxi Germany, even though himself was aNazi. Oskar devoted himself and his life to the Jewish workers that workedwithin his somewhat kind of paradise. He accomplished this with courage,he faced the ugliness of German Nazi hate, rode the wave of fear and rescuedover a thousand Jews from a certain fate, death. In some ways a thousand is asmall number but to the families he helped that number was their universe.This report is going to try to explain to you just what a great man this is andjust how much you are going to have to care about something to accomplisha goal such as this one. Oskar s eyes wept with the pride of a thousand men,Germany had been defeated, the Nazi party was to be hunted, Oskar knew hehad to leave, his workers knew also. On that night a ring was given to Oskar,one made out of a Jewish workers gold crown, not taken by force but bygratitude. Once placed on the aging man s finger he collapsed to his knees,mumbling something about how expensive his car was and that if he onlyhadn t bought it he could have saved four more people. When he arose hewas greeted by thousands of hands, arms, that caressed his body in a embraceof recognition. With that single action he knew everything he did was for this moment, hisworkers were free and with them so was his spirit. Oskar s workers were his children, he cared for them andprotected them. He risked his life and business, for his children. He bribedthe S.S. to get back his women workers that were accidentally taken to

Ashwitz by a paper work mistake, even when he was offered fresh workershe refused claiming that his were essential workers and without them hisfactory wouldn t run as smoothly. When actually he couldn t stand to rip hisfamilies apart, because then he would be no better than the men in the ghettosthat evacuated the Jews. Oskar scarified his freedom and wealth, two of the mostcherished possessions among the American people of today. Think about notbeing able to travel, to go where you want because you are constantly on thelook out for a race of destroyers. I don t think that Oskar really wanted toleave though, he stayed until the very last moment he possibly could beforehis factory was liberated. Talking and crying with a should have beendistinct race. Wealth is a thing that is acquired over a long periods of time, itis why we have jobs, it gives us a house to live in, things to eat, and clotheson our backs. It drives us to get up in the morning and go to work….thepromise of a paycheck at the end of the week. Oskar gave it up, he no longermade artillery that worked, he fed and clothed his large family, and he washappy. He no longer cared about material things like he once did, no longerdid he care about how hard one Jew could work, no he cared about not a Jewanymore but a man and a women, that all in all no better or worse than hewas, this is what he understood. The many people that Oskar saved knew that he put theirneeds above his own, and without him they would no longer exist, they knewthat it was Schindler that kept them alive, breathing, moving, and living.Oskar was almost a god in comparison. These people felt safe and protected,these people had the faith and Oskar suppled them with the hope. Oskar lives on, he may not live on this earth, but thefamilies he created live on. With them is a memory of a hero, a man thatstood against the odds and came out a winner. A man that cherished theirlives as much as they did. Oskar was indeed this man, he loved his children.