Meet Me In St Louis Essay Research

Meet Me In St. Louis Essay, Research Paper

This film is about a well off family who has four beautiful daughters. One of the daughters who is the age of 17 years old is played by Judy Garland who falls in love with a boy next door, even though the boy next door barely notices that Judy Garland (Esther) exists.

This story also tests that the family is on the verge of celebrating the arrival of a spectacular 1904 World Fail. However, the only real problem in this story occurs when the family finds out that they must move away because their father gets a new position in New York.

The family realizes how much they love St. Louis, and the happy ending comes when the father decides not to move after all. The storyline is a typical picture perfect postcard of an American family and a youthful romance dialogue.


This film is a romantized musical. The movies starts out with a snapshot of the family album. It shows a close up picture of revealing dormer windows and a veranda surrounded by a large green lawn. The streets are unpaved and are covered with dirt and gravel following a shot of a horse-drawn wagon carrying an advertisement of Circle Star Beer. There were also close ups kitchen scenes, which filmed the mother making ketchup, testing it The Smith family lives a Victorian house on Kennsington Avenue located in the suburb of midwestern St. Louis.


Judy Garland (Esther) is one of the best characters in the movie. However, each character in the film was strong, and the musical numbers were delightful in telling the story in connection with the movie. I especially liked the way Judy Garland performed The Trolley Song, and Meet me In St. Louis musical.


There were several close up shots. During a scene where Judy Garland was singing about the boy next door, the photographer performed a close up of Judy as she glances at the boy next door. There was also a close up of the mother making homemade batch of ketchup while she is stirring on the stove. Also, the little sister named Tootie (Margaret O?Brien) is shown at a close angle helping the iceman on his horse drawn ice wagon.


This film portrays a very close-knit family. I would imagine everyone would adore a family as such. The emotions in this film are transferred to the audience through song and dance. The father is portrayed as a strong family man whose main concern is to keep his family happy. The occasion of the World Fair commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, appeared to fill every citizen of St. Louis with a sense of progress and a love for their city. Given the September 11 incident, every American would probably feel some type of emotion in connection with this film.


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