The Media And Sexual SelfConcept Essay Research

The Media And Sexual Self-Concept Essay, Research Paper

The Media and its impact on Sexual Self-Concept

The media plays a great part in the viewpoints of individuals involving sex. The media plays an especially major role in Americans sexual self-concept. As an individual, the media has played a major role in my personal views about sex. From the time, most people can remember some form of media has always been there, whether it was television, radio, or anything there has always been some form of media. The media has always been there and regardless of other influences, it plays a major role in the sexual viewpoints of both young and old.

Personally, media has played a great part of sexual self-concept throughout the years. Almost all the television programs I have ever watched have frequently brought up sexual themes. They may involve two young people who are dealing with discovering sex for the first time, or two old people who may be experiencing problems within a long term relationship. For the most part television programs tend to vary and depending on the show can cover several sexual concepts. Through my experience, many television programs give an active description of sex in the real world. However, there are many television programs and almost all television ads, which give a different portrayal. This shows always have some rippled out stud or some drop dead gorgeous women and they may go out and just flash a quick smile then they wake up next someone equally beautiful. The next episode they may be doing the same thing. These programs whether I like it or not have influenced my personal sexual-self concept. When I watch these shows I see these people living in a sexual paradise and I want to be them. So when I get ready to go out I find myself trying to make my image similar to what these TV studs portray so that I can come off to the other sex as attractive as possible. The thing that probably has had the most influence on my sexual self-concept is probably ads whether it is on television, radio, magazine, etc.

It always seems that a person has to wear this product, drink this product, dress this style, and drive that car, all to attract the other sex. These things influence the products I buy on a regular basis all so I can better myself for the other sex. Every year I get older I, tell myself that I will not let the media influence my opinions about sex yet I have this to be almost impossible, the media bombards our society with sex on a daily basis. I cannot listen to a song, watch television or read a magazine without seeing or hearing sex related issues.

Our book says it perfect when it says that popular culture presents the people with what it means to be sexual. It really bothers me how what I may really feel is sexual may be the opposite of what the popular culture feels is sexual. I myself have a real problem with against the flow, so for people like myself this makes it difficult to express my sexual-self. The media will always play a major role in peoples sexuality, especially in America, I however hope that one day people will not be so strongly influenced by the media. The book also mentions advertising a subject I mentioned as a personal issue. As the book puts it Advertising in all media uses the sexual sell, promising sex, romance, popularity, and fulfillment provided the consumer purchases the right soap, perfume, cigarettes, alcohol, toothpaste, jeans, or automobile. This says it all every where I go I think to myself, that s that cologne that so and so is in the ads she is just gorgeous I should get it. These are things that I know or going to be influencing me for the rest of my life. I myself envy those people who are not influenced by the media and who have great individualism when it comes to there sexual appearance and there sexual-self concept.


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