Rain Of Gold 2 Essay Research Paper

Rain Of Gold 2 Essay, Research Paper

Family Struggles

The desperation and lack of opportunity caused by poverty forced Juan and his

Family into another direction. At an early point of Juan s life he and his family decided to

move to America. It was this move that forever changed the direction of Juan s life. The

Consequences of this move included his imprisonment and involment in illegal

activities this essay is a description of how poverty dictated the lives in this family.

Juan and his family choose to leave their home to get away from the wars that

Where going on around them. The Villasenor family was feed up with all the violence

they where going through. Juan proves this by saying; Look at the war going on,

Look at what we ve been through! p.g.151. His family chooses to leave their home in

search of more and better opportunies. Where this family lived they had two options

either they worked or starved to death. The Villasenor family choose to work. The work

they did didn t pay much, so Juan had to make many sacrifices to pull his family through

there financial situation.

In America Juan was willing to do anything in order for his family to have money

and food. Juan was made a proposition from a man that was from Sonora. The man

Offered to give Juan s mom money if he confessed to a crime he did not commit. The

Man said I ll give your mother two hundred dollars if you confess to the crime my son

committed . Pg,215 Juan was so desperate that he took the offer. Going to jail was one of

the sacrifices Juan had to make for his family. Juan then escaped from prison and had to

think of a way to make money fast and get his family out of their missury. Juan made the

decision to get into an illegal busyness to help his family out.

Juan went to California and became a bootlegger. To Juan this was a fast

nd easy way to make money. Despite this busyness being risky it was also

dangerous but he still continued to be a bootlegger. Juan was always on the run

and never had time to relax. He always had to worry about making the whiskey an

and being careful the cops or any one finding out about his busyness. One of the

Consequences Juan had to pay for being a bootlegger was being distant from his

mom. Even tough Juan was distanced from his family he had no other choice but

to stay in the busyness in order to help his family.


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