Hazing Essay Research Paper Is it

Hazing Essay, Research Paper

, Is it necessary in Greek Organizations? Initiation is a learning process that can make a better person mentally. There is no need to beat in order to teach. Some say initiate have to teach themselves in order to taught. If the initiate is not teaching themselves, then positive reenforcement can take place rather than hazing. A Greek Organization sole purpose is to train the mind for what may lie ahead the road of life.

Many Greek members will say that the initiate will appreciate the organization well if they had a good beating during the process. Is that what one wants to remember a beating? If the mind is trained for leadership in this vast and difficult world, the organization will show in that person. As opposed to, a rough and rowdy person because he/she has gotten beaten for three months. The process of a intake session is to learn the history of the organization, to appreciate the hardship and trials that the founders bared to get to that point, and to instill a sense of courage and honor in a bond.

Words can have a dying affect on a persons life. Talking a person can leave a greater mark then a beating. The mind is the process that is taken down a road that nothing can steal his/her pride, joy, or manhood. That road will take the mind to the highway of success. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. If the mind is trained for leadership, to withstand the complex trials and tribulations of this world, and encourage honorable achievement, it is not wasted and it carries a sense of completion. Completion of the initiation, and completion as a goal.

The process is an experience that should not be taken for granted. It is rewarding and inspirational to the mind. It should not be a beating process or to see which older member can hit the hardest. The purpose of the organization is lost in hazing situation, when someone has to be hospitalized or even carried away in a body bag. The organization has lost its focus and goal. The process that I have experienced is memorable, in that I have learned the values and achievement goals that I have set to go forth in my life.


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