Rainforest Biome Essay Research Paper I live

Rainforest Biome Essay, Research Paper

I live in the rainforest, and I love it. So I?m going to share with you some information about my home and way of life. Let me start off with some of my favorite things about my home. One thing would be the Climate. It is not to hot and not to cold, and the temperature stays about the same all year round, the warmest and the coldest months do not differ by more than 5 degrees. But there is a down side to it being like this. The humidity is very high, around 75%-100% in some areas, which is bad for me but I usually just go swimming as long as I find a river or stream without some jungle virus or infested with pirana. Well Lets get back to the good parts of my home. Such as the flora and fauna which includes as many as 100 different tree species, and other plants like orchids, bromeliads, vines, and other shrubs and ferns to cover the forest floor. It also has numerous types of birds, bats, small mammals, and millions of different insects. Speaking of animals I have two parrots which are fluent in English and Spanish, and a tiger cub which I found all by itself walking through the forest. The insects are not as much trouble as you would think, except for the mosquitos. But I have a Huge net up for them in my tree house, which is where I live. It has three stories, each on a layer of leaves made by the thick canopy of the giant trees that can reach as tall as 100 meters in height.

Usually rainforest grow around the equator, because they thrive in warm, and wet weather. The rainforest?s get about 80-160 inches of rainfall per year. Another interesting fact is that one acre of the rainforest has more plant and animal life than any acre found anywhere else in the world. Which I am very proud of. But one thing I am not so cheerful about is the way the rainforests are being destroyed by logging companies and other major threats. This could be one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the human race. Without all that vegetation the carbon dioxide in the air will not be converted to oxygen for us to breathe, and that will not be good news for us in the future. There are some organizations that are trying to stop the destruction of the rainforests but it is very hard to stop the companies and cattle farms who don?t care about the future because they won?t be there to see it. But there are attempts. Such as one group that for $20 will let you purchase an acre of land in the rainforest to preserve.

That about concludes the information about my home, the tropical rainforest. Which I respect very much. But which also is being destroyed rapidly. Well I hope you enjoyed the information I gave you on my home and I hope you learned a little about the tropical rainforest


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