Crime Essay Research Paper I m writing

Crime Essay, Research Paper

I m writing an essay on crime and theories of crime and I will try and convince you the crimes are committed out of greed. I feel if there was no greed in the world, there would be no crime in the world. A lot of people would disagree with me and or feel that eliminating greed is impossible and will never happen during the course of life as we know it. I will just try and convince you that I m right and that what I m saying is true. Every crime is committed out of greed and no other reason but greed. Every single person in the world wants what they can t have. What makes people commit crimes? I feel people commit crimes out of greed. Many people have many other theories stating that criminals were born with distinct physical types which had trails associated with evolutionary primitive humans (Lombroso 1918). Some say that because they have an extra Y chromosome, which means instead of a pattern of XY they have a pattern of XYY. No theories that I researched agree with my view but mine makes more sense. Ask yourself why have you ever committed a crime? You usally wants something which means you are greedy. I have to admit that I have committed a crime before myself and that was theft and I did it out of greed because I wanted a new G.I. Joe. Most common crime in Canada according to statistics Canada is a sexual offense towards women or men, and you can t even try to tell me that it s not because of greed. The world revolves around greed in all aspects. Psychologists try and tell you different by saying it s because of a bad up bringing or because they ere beaten as a child so they turn to a life of crime, I think not. If that happen to me I would want to make something of my life and rub it in my parents or repressors face and make them feel small and useless. But what I m saying is greed too I admit but a different kind of greed which is good greed the one that is legal and makes you feel good about yourself. Crime may be defined as an international act committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it. Crime should be defined as a cry for help or a damper on society. In a way society promotes crime and in the same way promotes greed. People don t commit crime because what they see on TV shows like C.O.P.S, or like the TV shows were the bad guy is pretraid as the hero. You could say that kids learn greed from professional athletes, the people who are kids hero s when they are younger because professional athletes are the greediest of them all. They are more greedy than anybody I ve ever seen, nothing ever satisfies them. If you go by my theory that makes kids what everything, mostly money which turns them towards crime. Athletes holding out for more money which equals greed, showing younger impressionable minds that greed is good and money makes the world go round. Greed is everywhere when you talk about criminals and crimes committed. Try and think of a famous criminal or serial killer and think of why he/she committed those crimes or so he/she says he/she committed those crimes, it s because of greed not because they are unbalanced in the head or enjoy killing people. They all knew what they were doing, the just enjoyed it and wanted more and more. The word more is the same thing as greed.

Criminals and serial killers are mostly male which I can t explain properly because I feel it s only that way because men are more greedy and are never happy with anything. There are more men in power and men are always trying to dominate women. Women on the other had are not as greedy but are smarter in the aspect that they maybe don t get caught as much as men because they don t want more so once they have accomplished something they are satisfied for a brief time period. Men on the other have are stupid in a way because they are more greedy and always want more. You never see women competing for things as much as men do. Men for some reason always think they have to be the best at everything when really they aren t. Women I feel just let us think we are better just to keep peace, hence men are more greedy. In conclusion I m just trying to get my point across which is that if we weren t all greedy there wouldn t be any crime. If people around the world would just feel good about them selves and not want everything I wouldn t even have to write this essay or even take this course because there would be no crime, hence no law, hence no law class.


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