Censorship 10 Essay Research Paper CensorshipTom Cruise

Censorship 10 Essay, Research Paper


Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidmen star in the film, Eyes Wide Shut, which is a artistic movie about two people having sex. What has society come to? Shouldn t this have been censored? Or is it showing their art to the world? The never ending debate over censorship boast s so many arguments. Its Stupid states a grade eleven Sir Winston student. Censorship is dumb, and it is not the answer to rid ourselves of pornography, and violence. Which brings us to that touchy subject known as pornography.

Pornography has been around for ages and it s the hottest talked about subject on censorship and for good reason. I don t think any civil servant at the border has the right to tell me what I should or should not read. We don t need any kind of pornography law on books at all. (Macleans, p29)says Canadian writer Pierre Berton. Anyone that deals with, and is into pornography books, and internet sites are shunned upon and scaled at. This intern is the problem. People are making a big fuss of the source (the actual providers of this material), when they should be protecting whoever they don t want to see it. Take erotic movies for example, being big or small, it s the same way. Actor Dan Aykroyd has this to say about activists over pornography when asked why they temporarily banned his film in Saskatchewan. An infringement on our rights , but also adds later, Its great publicity for the film. (p28) The film, Exit to Eden shows us that this is a perfect example to show how good intentions backfire. If nobody got involved to try to ban this film the publicity would have been down and so, sales would go down. Pornography and sexual content is so mainstream now that there is no way of stopping it further than the already common sense things that have been implemented (movie ratings, age limitations etc). There is so many loop holes for publishers of this material can use to make this filth that the idea of it being stopped can not be achieved unless the law of rights is modified.

Pornography is not the only thing that censorship deals with. Violence stands right up their along side with it. Television being almost the unanimous culprit. Its far reaching influence spreads across the globe. Violent children’s shows like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and adult shows like NYPD Blue tell us that shows with violence is in every category of preference. Studies show by the American Psychological Association that eight thousand to ten thousand acts of violence are seen by children on t.v. by the time they hit sixth grade. Its time to try keeping your kids off the tube rather than complain about the media s giving what the people want slogan.

Recently, a couple days ago to be exact, there was an article on dateline about a thirteen year old boy who beat an eight year old girl to death. He allegedly beat her with wrestling moves and it was confirmed that he did watch wrestling. Now that family is suing WWF wrestling because of this! Where was the babysitter? Upstairs sleeping! People should think about this stuff before they play the blame game.

Is censorship the answer for this huge pile of junk that has been collected over the years and will likely multiply more and more? The simple answer is no. The reality is its too late for that, and trying to censor something for the most part, will make things worse in the end. Its up to you to decide what should go in or out. Censorship wont work for sexual, violent, or generally bad things. We just have to live to deal with it.


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