Revelation Of O

’connor Essay, Research Paper


This reading tell us the story of a women who find herself along after the supposed dead of her husband, leaving her in a position to pretend to be ? free? after a power issue created by her husband.

But later in the story, Mrs. Mallard, the widow, made up herself, when she found out that her husband has not been dead, and she, because of that, died of her hearth disease problem of joy.

This whole story covers an hour, and that is why, the title, doubting that a women who got news of the dead of her husband could move from grief to joy within an hour.


This reading tell us a truly story suffered by Mrs. Connor, where she changed her live after being so pathetic, with people. Without any kind of respect against different perspective of live, race, sex an others.

This is the beginning of an own revelation by O?Connor, where she expresses herself like if she was grounded in a catholic faith, so deep. The doctrine of the writer doesn?t matter. The work transcends and becomes a part of every reader. In fact that every reader can deduct a different meaning of revelation.

The truth was revealed to Mrs. Turpin. She knew that she was in fact, reminiscent of an Old Testament prophet with her piercing eyes and her rude, uncompromising message. In the end, when Mrs. Turpin scolds God and demands that he justify himself t her, he answers with a vision in which, literally, the last becomes first. This powerful scene also has biblical overtones.

Both stories are based from experiences and situations that created a radical change in the characters of the above stories.

In the story of an hour, Mrs. Mallard entered in a joy-shock after knowing the dead of her husband, making her realized that her husband has created a power issue on her, making her exclaim for a moment, ?Free, free, free!? And later on making her understands that her husband was good enough to have him dead.

By the other hand we have a Mrs. Turpin, who changed her trashy life, after an encounter with God, who changed her life, making her understand the differences of live, race and etc, between people, without despising herself.

Those were the main ideas that made me think in a similar idea between these two stories; something that occurred that changed the live of the characters. Making them understand something different from what they had thought.


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