King Lear Essay Research Paper Love in

King Lear Essay, Research Paper

Love in Blood Wedding

The Blood Wedding, is a play written by Fedrico Garcia Lorca set in the 1930?s. The play is a story about a wedding that ends in tragedy. Two men, the Bridegroom and Leonarardo, murdered one another over the love they had for one women. Love should have kept Leonardo and the bride together, Instead, the brides love for Leonardo destroyes any happiness that the could of had.

Leonardo and the bride had a relationaship that couldn?t last. The relationship would never lead to marriage because of the bride?s father. The bride?s father did not approve of Leonardo, because Leonardo was considered poor and could not offer anything to a wife. This hurts Leonardo, if the love between him and the bride was true, then money shouldn?t have mattered. He tells the bride ? A couple of oxen and a rough shack are almost nothing.? ?That?s what hurts.?(27) Both Leonardo and the bride are filled with emotions of regret. Since Leonardo had no hope of marring the bride, he married another women. This means that the bride could marry another man.

On her wedding day, the bride shows signs of confusions and agiagitation. She is marring another man, but she loves Leonardo. She knows she will not be completely happy. The bridegroom stands for security and a prosperous future. The bride refers to her marriage as an ?endless bitterness?(24). The marrige to the bridegroom is way out or an escape from the love she feels for Leonardo. The bride tells the bridegroom, ?Yes I am. I want to be your wife and alone with you, hearing no voice but yours.(34) Throughout the ceremony the bride is very testy. She gives the servant an attitude whenever the servant treis to help or talk reason to the bride. The bride is harsh twords her new husband. When he tries to embrace her she shouts ?Stop it? (44) She make the exuse that she is tired and must lie down to avoid dancing with her husband.

Even though the bride loved Leonardo she went through with the wedding. Instead of making the situation better, the wedding made it worse. The bride was forced to marry the man she did not truly love. She couldn?t take it any longer and had to be with Leonardo. He was in her thoughts.She tells Leonardo ?I don?t want your bed or your table but every minute of the day I want to be with you.?(59) The bride?s love for Leonardo is what drove her away from her wedding. The love that thses two people had was very deep and is proven when Leonardo says, ?As you like, If they can part us, I shall be dead.? And she replies,? And I shall be dead.? (62)

In coincidense the love that was so strong caused a unbearable sruggle for all, eventually causing death to these two men who love was so stongfor this women.


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