Protecting Our Children From Protection (Condom Distribution

In Schools) Essay, Research Paper

Protecting Our Children from Protection

The distribution of condoms in schools is becoming a prevalent and controversial issue among people of all ages. In some schools, teenagers can walk into the school nurse’s office and ask for a condom and the nurse will provide them with their free protection, a few pamphlets explaining the dangers of unprotected sex and be sent on their way. Other schools provide a small counseling session for the student who asks for the condom.

Condom distribution is a subject that has been debated by the moral majority for sometime. Many leaders, as well as parents, feel that sexual activity is encouraged among teenagers when offered condoms for their protection. What they fail to realize or simply refuse to face is the fact that more than 50% of all high school students have been sexually active by graduation. We must ask ourselves if all of these teenagers insisted on protection before participation. They will do it if they are provided with the protection or not.

Another point I might make is that teenage pregnancy has continuously been on the rise. This destroys several lives, not only two. The families of the couple are immensely changed forever. Often, and unwanted pregnancy can generate a disastrous marriage. A disastrous marriage is likely to lead to an ugly and expensive divorce and may include vicious custody battles. People must understand that condoms not only protect sexual partners from unwanted pregnancy but, partners are protected from sexually-transmitted diseases that not only destroy lives and reputations, but also may ultimately end in death. AIDS deaths continue to rapidly increase. While sexual contact is not the only way to contract the HIV virus, it is still the most common way.

As parents, we must be willing to weigh both sides of this issue. Are we truly ready to say that our children are forbidden to have sex and may not be issued a condom? Are we brave enough to risk the lives of our children?

The fact is that morality must begin at home. We need to start with children from birth teaching communication skills that enable them to achieve the type of open relationship that allows them to come to parents with their questions and not be afraid of the reaction. They need to trust us, not fear us. They also must understand that every subject may not result in our approval, but will result in our willingness for open discussion and honest, heartfelt advice.

After weighing all the points in question, I have tried to see the issue from the viewpoint of everyone involved. I find this is an uncomfortable subject for a parent to face. I am certain it is uncomfortable for all parents. I believe that the key to the whole scenario is communication between parent and child. I have come to the conclusion that while I would discourage my child from participating in sexual activity, if my choices are unwanted pregnancy and the possibility of the death of my child or the availability of free condoms, I must support the distribution of condoms in our schools.


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