Volunteerism Essay Research Paper Volunteerism in AmericaI

Volunteerism Essay, Research Paper

Volunteerism in America

I think Volunteerism is important in America because, if we did not have volunteerism we

would not have the things we have today. Tennessee has many nice volunteers. I am thankful for

volunteers because I would always want a nice community. Volunteerism is important because

volunteers are there when you need them. As I grow up I want to be a volunteer, so that I can

help create a better society.

I think the salvation Army is very important because, they bring food to the hungry;

therefore I would like to be part of this organization. I could help deliver food and clothing to the

peoples homes. I would enjoy making Christmas better for the underprivileged children by

delivering toys and candy to the people who would appreciate it. I think I would want to be

depended upon. The salvation Army is important in ever day life of the needy.

Volunteer fireman are very important and special in our every day lives. I would use my

training to help save the lives of many people. I would always be there to pitch in and help the

real fireman in emergency cases. Some of my duties would include helping to save lives and

homes of many people when their homes are on fire. The only pay I would receive is the reward

of knowing I may have saved a life or helped a person. In some cases I would even donate my

times and effort to rescue animal, for example if a cat was stuck in a tree the owner could call on

me to rescue their dear pet from distress. We should all be very thankful to the men and women

who volunteer their time and effort to protect our community.

Candy stripers are volunteers who donate their time to hospitals and nursing homes. I

would perform many special duties in these environments. Some of the ways I would help in

these places are giving directions to visitors who are lost. I would volunteer my time to read and

deliver books and magazines to the patients to make their stay more pleasant. Candy stripers help

the nurses by feeding some of the patients who are unable to do this alone. Also I could deliver

mail and gift to the patients rooms, that sometimes cheers the patients up. Hospitals and nursing

homes are very proud to have these special people as part of their work force. I would have a

very hard job, but the results of one smile from one patient or family member would make it all

worth my time to be a candy striper, so that I could do my part by helping to bring joy and smiles

to others.

I think volunteer big brothers sisters are very important because they read to the children.

I would like to help in this organization. I could teach kids how to read, and read to them the

stories they would like to hear. I could buy books and give them to the children. I could try to

make reading fun for them. I think I could teach the kids that were willing to learn. The big

brothers are a very important group in America.

I think volunteer teacher aids are an important part in our state because they can help the

teacher teach us. I could help the teacher prepare lessons for things to do each day. I could also

grade papers for the teacher. Another thing I could do is watch the children when the teacher is


I think all of these things would make Tennessee a better state. There are many

organizations that depend upon volunteers for their success. Being a volunteer means giving of

yourself to something or someone who can’t help themselves. If everyone would do there fair

share and volunteer and work together, there would be much success in our volunteer state of



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