Type 4 Remnence Essay Research Paper The

Type 4 Remnence Essay, Research Paper

The night is long and restful. Beep, beep, beep, beep man that sure is annoying at 5:45 in the morning. Grab my shoes, bag, and finally can’t forget my pillow. Dads waiting at the door waiting for me, so we can go.

Thanks for the ride dad. I’ll be back around 5:00. “my, Chuck don’t we look cheerful in the morning” says Mr. Parkurst. There is the bus time to go. The whole world looks a little hazy, but it could just be my eyes. I finally find a prime seat and fall into it with a thud. Somehow I manage to get out my pillow, and cd player to listen to. As Dave Mathews Band plays Crash, they slowly get fainter and fainter.

OUCH, what did you hit me for “we’re here” Matt says. As I notice we are, due to the delay in the wakening up effect. Boy am I out of it. I stumble off the bus, take a few steps and take in the surroundings. The air is crisp, it bites the lungs when I first breath it. There is a lingering fog as if a lie fire was burning. The I feel as if a violent storm is about to erupt, judging by the silence.

Finally I make it to camp and fall to the ground. I get out my blanket, and pillow. Like a bear slowing down for my long winter nap. I curl up in my blanket and drift into the wonderful world of imagination.

The sound of a roaring crowd gets louder and louder. My eyes start to see faint lights that get brighter and brighter. One eye then the other open and look around.

I manage to stumble to my feet. Starting to walk the sleep out. I walk to the stands and look around to see people of Fremont. I some how through the great haziness of slumber, and spot three people. I walk over to them. “Hello Father Lauritzen, hello Mother Lauritzen, hello Dad”.

How are the races going for us. ” Fremont is in contention” Father Lauritzen says. “just in time Chuck, Matts race is up” Mother Lauritzen exclaims. I grab a seat next to my Dad and watch. Matt is in lane 2. Set, Bang Out of the blocks like a stampede of buffalos. Matt starts off even, then after the first hurdle strings them out. He wins by a landslide margin.

I get up to go see how matt is doing. I notice that we are surrounded be Fremont people. All of them wish me good luck. Father Luaritzen says “its only 2 laps of pain, make it worth it, do you best. Long strides even splits, is the way to win.”

Slowly I make my way to camp to pick up my shoes and shed some clothes. Then I make my way over to the start pit. Where I sit down and stretch. Shifting into a squat, I start visualizing my race, every little detail. Then it’s time to pray “Dear God, Thank you for the last race. Thank you for what you have done for me and the team. Thank you so very much. I am pleased with what has happened so far. Please help me through this race today. Help the team today, its a close one. Thank you God”.

I get up and do some strides around the curve to get warmed up. The starter calls our names. “Luchies Fremont” he yells. “Here” I yell then he continues on with list. He then starts to line us up in our alleys. I get lined up in alley 3, 2nd man over. The thought process is slow, but the number 7 comes to mind. I am ranked 7th by time. boy, He sure is just stacking these alleys up. There are 2 guys to the outside and 3 behind me, in my alley.

Ah oh, What is that feeling not now it can’t be. I start dancing around, like a gypsy dancer. Just jumping up and down. The starter alls us up from the pit to the line on the other side of the stretch. I’m just a bouncing up and down. then I look up at Mother Lauritzen, She just looks at me and turns to Father Lauritzen and says “look at Chucky. He has to go”. They just start chuckling. I pass Mr. Parkurst He tells me to stay calm And just race hard.

Finally I make it to the line of course lagging behind the competitors. The Starter checks us one more time to make sure we are in our spots. I’m still just bouncing out in front of the line. He gives us the OK, then brings us to the alleys 2 turn stager. The starter calls this is a two lap race, there will be 2 commands set then the gun. He raise one hand to call attention. He raises the gun to get ready, What is this, I don’t have to go any more. Set, all worries, thoughts, pros, troubles, fears are behind me. All I have is whats In front of me. The track is mine to command.

Bang, like the races before off like a stampede of wild blood thirsty animals. I get a really good jump off the line. Shorter sprint like strides off the start. I get in front of my alley, and take command of the inside of my alley. The first corner is behind me. There is only 2 people in front of me in the outside alleys. 3 people in front of me to the inside alley. Like a deer sensing no danger we all calm down and Lengthen our strides. Now we are all graceful as gazelle. In to the 2nd curve The competitors to the outside disappear like a faint memory of what was. They gain a little ground going down the front stretch. I look as if I were a midget, when they almost catch up. In to the 3rd curve I gain on the man in front of me. The guys behind me vaporize, they are out of contention for this race. Going down the back stretch I catch more and more on the man in front of me. Going around the curve he starts his kick. He gets 3 strides more on me. Half way through curve 4, I start my kick. He looses one strides lead, then another. Coming out of curve 4 and going down the front stretch, he looses another, and another. I ‘m right behind him now. I can feel His heart pounding. I can here his thoughts ringing in his head, “is he going to take me, what does he have left, my god I’m dead.” The line, photo finish. He just barley squeaked by, he took third. I came out with a very likeable fourth.


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