Fate Essay Research Paper A big theme

Fate Essay, Research Paper

A big theme in The Matrix is Fate vs. Free Will. Morpheus risked because he believed Neo was ?the One.? Neo risks his life to save Morpheus because he believed he could save him. Trinity fell in love with Neo, so she believed Neo was ?the One.? I believe when something is inevitable, it does affect your action. I achieved this belief in a real-life experience of my own.

It all has to do when I met my girlfriend Lauren. The first day I saw her in my Sequential 2 class I knew she was special. She was so beautiful. I knew I had to be with her. ?But it would also mess up my future plans to move away far and go to college?, I thought to myself. By this time I was in 11th grade and she was in 10th. I didn?t pursue my feelings and I didn?t say a word to her all year.

I would have her beautiful face running through my mind all summer. Every time I would see a beautiful woman Lauren?s face would pop up into my mind.

It was the first day of school and I was the first to arrive to my U.S. History class. And wouldn?t you know it, Lauren is the very next one to walk through that door, looking beautiful as ever I remember thinking to myself, ?OK, now fate is going to tell me if she sits next to me I must make the move and go for it. If not go with my original plan.? So then wouldn?t you know it she sits right next to me. She then looks ver at me with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. Then, is when she stole my heart.

I start talking to her and become friendly for a couple of weeks. Within those couple of weeks I find out she has a serious boyfriend. At that time I was disappointed. Within a couple of days I was informed by my friend Jessica, that happens to work with Lauren, that her boyfriend had been treating her like *censored* and she was thinking about breaking up with him. At first my reaction was anger. I didn?t understand how anyone could treat this beautiful young women with such disrespect.

I then decided to make my move. I started to take her out and calling her on the phone every day. And before I knew it I was meeting her parents and playing with her dog. Finally, when we were sitting in the den of my mother?s house watching TV I started tickling her and our faces got really close. I then made my decision to lean a little further and place my lips upon hers for a confident kiss. Not surprisingly she kisses me back and smiles. I then asked her if we were now considered ?together?. She replied by telling me she wasn?t ready yet for another relationship. I wasn?t upset, I understood. I didn?t want a relationship after me and my ex-girlfriend broke up. I just told her that when she was ready to make sure I was the first to know. Things went the same for about a month later.

Then, on the first of November she approaches me in school with a note and a smile. I didn?t think anything of at first. I then go to my class and open the note and it says in large print ?GUESS WHAT IM READY!? And we have been together ever since. And I have never been happier in my life.

Fate is a weird thing. Sometimes it pulls through and sometimes it doesn?t. But when it does, damn it?s a beautiful


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