Drugs Essay Research Paper Cannabis is illegal

Drugs Essay, Research Paper

Cannabis is illegal in most countries, but

it is still the most commonly used drug in Britain. It is obtained from the

hemp plant and is produced in three different forms: marijuana, which is dried

to a tabacco- like substance and smoked; cannabis resin, which is known as

hashish or hash; and cannabis oil or hash oil, which is the liquid version. ?? Cannabis

often makes people feel relaxed, over-confident (talkative), reckless and

joyful. Colour and sound may also be enhanced. The cannabis also makes people

anxious, hungry and forgetful. With cannabis, there is no risk of physical

dependence or OD-ing. The drug effects co-ordination and increases the risk of

accidents. It also lowers inhabitations, making unsafe sex more likely.

Cannabis can damage the lungs and lead to paranoia.?? Cocaine

(C, coke, snow, toot, charlie, white) and Crack

(freebase, gravel, ice, rock, wash): – ???????????????????????????????????? ????????Cocaine and crack are strong, short-lived stimulants, made

from the coca shrub, which grows in South America. They are both illegal.

Cocaine is a fluffy white powder and is usually sniffed, but sometimes prepared

for injection. Crack is a crystalline form of cocaine, usually smoked. Crack is

especially addictive. ?? Cocaine

is used to maintain feelings of energy and to avoid feeling low. People feel

alert and aggressive after taking cocaine. Cocaine damages the nose and results

in serious weight loss. Regular users will find that they are very run down,

depressed and paranoid. Ecstasy (E, echoes, XTC, MDMA, love doves): – ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

????????Ecstasy is a

synthetic drug that combines stimulant and hallucinogenic effects. It comes in

tablet or capsule form. The tablet may be brown or white. It is illegal. There

could be anything mixed in to an ecstasy tablet, and may not even be ecstasy. ?? Ecstasy

gives people a ?rush? of energy, keeping them awake and active. Feelings of

calmness, closeness to other people and greater awareness of surroundings,

colours and sounds usually follow this. High doses can make people panicky and

regular use can lead to sleep problems, lethargy and depression. Ecstasy makes

you sweat, leaves you with a dry mouth, a tight jaw, high blood pressure and

high energy levels. It causes liver and kidney damage. Dehydration and non-stop

dancing, while taking the drug, have lead to death.Heroin

(H, gear, harry, horse, jack, junk, scat, skag, smack): – ?? Heroin

is obtained from opium poppies and is usually a brownish powder. This powder

can be dissolved and injected, or smoked. Heroin is extremely addictive.? ?? The first

experience of heroin gives the user a feeling of intense well being, but this

will quickly change and the withdrawal feelings can be very painful, causing

vomiting, aches and tiredness. It is very easy to OD on heroin. There may also

be impurities such as bleach, in the heroin.LSD

(A, acid, trips, Lucy, dots, star, tab): – ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

LSD is a powerful hallucinogenic drug, made from a

fungus, which grows on rye grass. It is often pressed into paper, with designs

on, or as tiny tablets. It is an illegal drug. ?? Using

LSD results in a trip, which can last from anything to 12 hours. During the

trip, visual and sound distortions, intensified colours and changes in the

sense of time and place are common. During a ?bad trip?, people may feel

anxious, paranoid and feel as though everyone and everything is threatening

them. Sometimes people think that they are going mad and may do dangerous

things, whilst tripping. LSD causes extreme moods and flashbacks that occur

several months after use. It is also very easy to OD on LSD.Poppers

(amyl, butyl, liquid gold, locker room, ram, rush, snapper, stag, stud,

thrust): – ??????????????????????????????? Poppers are bottles gold

coloured liquid. The bottles are ?popped? open and the vapours are inhaled,

through the mouth or the nose. They are legal. ?? They

give a quick rushing feeling and time feels as if it is slowing down. Loss of

balance, headache and nausea are common. Poppers are seen as aphrodisiacs,

enhancing sexual pleasure. Users sometimes lose consciousness. People have died

when they have drunk, rather than sniffed, the poppers.Solvents:

- ???????????????

Solvents include many household products, such as:

glue, nail varnish remover, etc. ?? The effect comes

on very quickly, but does not last for long. It has been described as a bit

like becoming drunk. Some people feel light headed and dreamy, whilst others

feel sick and drowsy. Once the effect has worn off, users often experience a

hangover. Using solvents can increase the risk of an accident, considerably.

People die from heart failure and choking on their own vomit. ????????????????

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