Intrinsically Motivated By Education Essay Research Paper

Intrinsically Motivated By Education Essay, Research Paper

Intrinsically Motivated by Education

Enhancing ones education can be rewarding, but for whom? I believe education is what you gain and learn from. It is up to you to have ideals and beliefs concerning why you would want to attend University. A university can make anyone a scholar, however, it is up to the individual to act and live up to their own standards of the characteristics. I want to achieve success by absorbing as much information I can because I choose to do so. Sure my family and peers expect me to acquire education because that is what they expect of me, but what do I expect from myself? Intrinsically deciding to go to graduate school on my own is more important to my welfare and expectations to become a successful individual at college.

Intrinsically attending a university allows me to expand my horizon, taking my mind and imagination beyond the confines of daily existence. In a fast pace environment enhanced by technology, we are constantly bombarded with useless information, telling us how to act, look, feel, and even breathe. With an intrinsic motivation to learn and acquire knowledge, I can filter the sensory overload and make use of what is important to me and not society. The experience of college life- living with strangers, learning a new language, reliving the civil war, journey to a remote dessert in the Sahara, or just making sense of Emily Dickinson, are samples of learning lessons in life. Having and expanded mind throughout my education will help me understand myself, but will also help me gain insight into foreign, yet exciting sights and sounds outside my environment.

Being intrinsically motivated has made me a healthier person mentally because I always look forward to the future. I want to know what is next on my list and how can I accomplish a result. I do not ask myself these questions to do the best I can for others, but I want to challenge myself and explore what is my expertise.

My dissecting and analyzing thoughts about what motivates me to continue my education, I have discovered qualities that were unexpected to be found. For example, working under pressure allows more writing to more interesting and efficient. However, I find myself going over projects I have previously corrected beforehand. Education is the key to success in my eyes. Not just my gaining a degree and captivating more information, but learning the positive and negative qualities about yourself that will help you grow and allow you to accomplish challenging obstacles.

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