Steel Pier Essay Research Paper When I

Steel Pier Essay, Research Paper

When I walked into the Leary Theatre I was skeptical about the production of Steel Pier because of its past failure on Broadway. Although, under the direction of Brother Augustine Towey, C.M. I knew that the possibilities were endless. I understand that a remarkable production comes from the imagination and hard work of the director. As I sat there watching the magic unfold I realized that the credit had to be shared with the actors. Steel Pier is a musical production combining the talents of 27 actors and the sophisticated direction of Brother Augustine to bring to life an amazing love story that will have unlimited success at the Niagara University Theatre.

As a director, Brother Augustine?s job is to paint the scene with an imaginative translation of the author?s writing and the actor?s capabilities. He is extraordinary at making masterful decisions about casting and blocking. Brother Augustine used the technique of type casting while choosing the actors to play the roles for Steel Pier. Mick Hamilton is a malicious characters whom required a strong, overwhelming, controlling actor to radiate this authoritative presence. Brother Augustine did an outstanding job casting Paschal Frisina III, to reflect these dominating characteristics. Another example of type casting in Steel Pier would be in the role of Shelby Stevens. This role requires a confident, free-spirited, and strong personality that is impeccably displayed by the acting of Melissa Seifert. By Brother Augustine being receptive to the play and understanding the expectations, he was able to cast the roles the best way possible.

The blocking, or movement with motivation, that was arranged by Brother Augustine was ingenious throughout Steel Pier. The array of activity the characters used to translate their moods especially caught my amazement while watching the production. During the number ?Running in Place?, Rita Racine, played by Denise Payne, had amazing blocking to reflect her feelings of inadequacy and self-worth. Her movements were choppy, exaggerated, and overwhelming to express her frustration and feeling of loss. Her blocking was an exquisite way to reveal her emotions that were left unexpressed through words.

I recommend Steel Pier to my friends on campus and encouraged my parents to buy tickets to the upcoming shows this weekend. The musical has a genuine love story with irreplaceable acting and astounding direction. I was extremely moved when I watched Steel Pier and even shed a few tears. The element of surprise and emotion disclosed during the production helped make the theatrical experience unforgettable.


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