FFV Walkthrough Essay Research Paper 3

FFV Walkthrough Essay, Research Paper


3 . D I S C O N E W A L K T H R O U G H


(Note that the beginning of this game has been altered somewhat from the

FF7 demo disc packaged with Tobal No. 1 and other FF7 demos.)


3 . 1 m a k o r o p o w e r p l a n t


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Potion x3, Phoenix Down, Restore materia,

Assault Gun.

At the start of the game, you’ll have 3 Potions, a Phoenix Down, and an

Ether. You can’t equip Materia until you reach Section 3.3, by the way.

Once you leave the train, check the body of the closest guard twice to

get two Potions. Then head north. You’ll be attacked by some guards.

Take them out with your sword (you may win a Potion for killing them)

and then move left to go outside. Now, talk to your teammates (Biggs,

Wedge, and Jessie), then name yourself and Barret. Make your way to the

northwestern door, and head up in the next room to enter the heart of

the power plant.

Talk to Barret, (who joins you) and then talk to each Avalanche member

to open the doors. After opening the second door, head right to enter

another chamber with a treasure chest (Phoenix Down). Then, go back

and enter the elevator (you’ll have to talk to Jessie first). Press the

arrow switch to activate it.

Work your way down the stairs and go through the door to the left. Then

follow Jessie down the ladder. When he stops, search the area in front

of him for a Potion (it’s hard to see because of the steam). Climb

down, cross the pipes, descend the nearby ladder, and take note of

the Save Point before heading down the walkway.

Pick up the Restore materia on the ground in the next area and set the

bomb. An alarm will sound and you’ll have to fight the boss, a huge

scorpion-like machine.



Cloud’s Bolt magic works well, while Barret should be attacking. The

Search Scope won’t damage you, it just warns as to who the boss will

attack next. When you’ve done enough damage, the boss will start to

shake and Barret will warn Cloud. From this point onward, don’t attack

the boss and heal yourself or simply guard until the boss attacks you.

If you try to hurt it during this time, the boss responds with a damaging

laser ray shot from his tail. A few more hits after it stops shaking and

the boss dies. You’ll get an Assault Gun when you kill it.


You now have ten minutes to escape from the power plant. You’ll need

to make your way back to the upside-down T-shaped entrance hall where

one of the Avalanche members is waiting. (If you’ve played the demo

disc, know that you don’t need to ’search’ for the other members; just

talk to Jessie to free him and then get out. Since Barret gets a new

gun after the battle, be sure to equip it. Also, talk to the other

members to open the two doors on your way back.


3 . 2 m i d g a r c i t y



After the Avalanche members blow up the passage, head up the stairs.

You’ll meet Aeris here, but she won’t join you yet. In the next

screen, there’s a Potion to the southwest of the circular structure

(near the lampposts). Walk south when you’re done. In this next area,

you’ll meet up with guards and have the choice of running (bottom

choice) or fighting (top choice). After a few more encounters with the

Shinra guards, Cloud’ll jump onto the passing train and run into the

Avalanche gang. After talking to them, walk to the ‘front’ of the

screen and you’ll jump off into another area. Talk to the people here

and one of the members (Jessie) will show you a picture of the Makoro

plant on the train’s screen. Approach Barret and you’ll end up going

to the group’s base.


3 . 3 a v a l a n c h e b a s e


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: 1500 gil, All materia, Ether.

Head west and go upwards. Talk to the kid by the fence, then head west

again (there’s a Save Point nearby, too). Talk to the people here,

then check out the bar. At the top of the tallest building in the south-

east is a bedroom. The kid here will let you spend the night for 10 gil.

In the bar, you’ll meet Tifa, who is also a member of Avalanche, as well

as Marlene, who is supposedly Barret’s daughter. After naming Tifa,

Barret shows up when you try to leave and reveals the hidden base

underneath the bar. After talking to Barret, Tifa shows up. Leave the

base and you’ll have a short intermission with Tifa. When you meet

Barret afterwards, he’ll give you 1500 gil. If you go to the Beginner’s

Hall above the Weapon Shop outside, you can learn more about playing the

game. You’ll also find that there inside the huge cage. The man in

the right corner of this room has a Materia by his feet (All). Take it

and a chest will drop down that has an Ether inside of it. If you

haven’t already noticed, the two buildings that were locked the other

day are now open.

When you’re ready, go back to the train station to prepare for

Avalanche’s next mission. If you like, you can go to the far right to

enter a train yard, but there’s not much of interest there.


3 . 4 m a k o r e a c t o r n u m b e r f i v e


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Ether x2, Potion, Tent, Titan Bangle.

Board the train. When the timer appears after you talk to Tifa, go

through each train car until Tifa jumps off one of the cars and you and

Barret follow her. You’ll end up in an underground railroad passageway.

If you go south (towards the ‘front’ of the screen), you’ll go through

the same screen 5 times before coming to two guards who you can fight.

When the battle’s over, choose the bottom option to keep fighting or the

top option to run away. You can fight the same battle over and over,

so when you get tired of fighting, just pick the top option. An OK place

to gain some experience, gil, and AP, if you think you’ll need it.

Anyway, it’s a lot faster to just head north to where the green barrier

is and go down the hatch to the west (examine it and choose the top

choice twice or the middle option once). Pick up the Ether in the

adjoining passage, climb down the two ladders, and talk to Wedge. Then

go up the ladder near him to reach a room where Jessie is waiting for

you. Take the Potion that’s next to him and climb down the ladder on the

far left end of the room to reach a chamber where you can find a Tent, a

Save Point, and Biggs.

Go up the ladder here to reach the No. 5 Reactor. The room you’re in

should be familiar. Slide down the pipe and then work your way back to

the heart of the plant. After Cloud fiddles with the machinery, go back

to the large room and climb up the stairs and into the elevator. It’ll

take you to a new floor. Grab the contents of the treasure chest outside

(Ether) and then head to the left where there are three control panels.

You’ll need to hit your panel as the same time Barret and Tifa hit

theirs (using the O button), so give it a shot. Instead of waiting for

them to raise their arms, you’ll have an easier time if you time it so

that you hit your panel _just_ before they do. You can’t use the panel

if you didn’t go back to the heart of the power plant. Afterwards, go

through the opened gate (there’s a Save Point here), and head north.

In the T-shaped room, you’ll be stopped by a group of guards, and then

meet President Shinra. After that, a helicopter and a hydrofoil-like

machine show up. The Shinra president leaves in the helicopter, but

the huge machine attacks you and your friends.



Weak against Lightning

This machine turns to face (and attack) whomever hits it. So, if one of

your characters is low on life, have the person on the opposite side

attack to draw the boss’ attention away. Be especially careful of it’s

Big Bomber–it causes tons of damage (but also increases your Limit

meter quickly). Remember that even if it’s back is turned, it can use a

weak machine gun attack on you. Use potions and the Restore Materia to

keep up your HPs and use Bolt as well as your Limit Break attacks to take

this machine out. You’ll receive a Titan Bangle if you win the battle.



3 . 5 m a k o r o c i t y s l u m s


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: 5 gil, Potion, Phoenix Down, Cover materia, Ether.

After the battle, the boss will explode, sending Cloud off the walkway

in the ensuing blast. When you awake, you’ll find yourself in a church.

Aeris is here, and you can name her after talking to her several times.

Reno shows up afterwards with some guards. In the next room, Aeris

falls down while trying to escape with Cloud. Tell her to hold on.

You now have the option of fighting the guards using Aeris or trying to

bean the guards on the head with barrels on the upper floor (if you

miss, you’ll have to fight using Aeris anyway). Remember, she starts off

in the back row, so to increase damage, make her move up by choosing

‘Change’ at the start of each battle (do this by pressing left, then the

O button).

The correct order of barrels to drop is: the leftmost barrel (in the

back), the far right barrel (in the back), and the far right barrel

(in the front). Simply tell Aeris to hold on each time, examine each

barrel, and choose the top option to drop it. This way, Aeris won’t

have to fight anybody. When Aeris meets you at the top of the chapel,

she’ll hook up with Cloud.

In the upper area, climb up the second beam on the left and jump out of

the hole in the roof. After you and Aeris make it back to ground level,

head left to find a Save Point. To the northwest is a town. Be sure to

meet the man in the pipe near the entrance. In one of the houses, you

can also find 5 gil if you talk to the drunk man in bed, then examine

the drawers nearby. There are several stores here in the slums,

including one that sells Materia. To the far, far right is a path that

leads to Aeris’s house and a garden. You can spend the night here once

you’ve met Elmyra, Aeris’s mother. When you wake up, look between the

desk and the bed for a Potion and a Phoenix Down. Then, sneak downstairs

(or Aeris will make you go back to bed) and leave the house (you can do

this by not touching the walls and not running, either). In the lower

flower bed to the right, you can get a Protect materia and an Ether.

There’s another Save Point near Aeris’ house if you need to use it.

Leave the town and go left to the hole in the wall. Aeris will be here

waiting for you and will rejoin you. In the next location, work your

way upward (by going across the hole-filled metal length, then down the

iron beams and through the passage, then up the brown pipe and finally

down the stairs and heading to the left). After Aeris leaves you at the

playground, head east, then go north to arrive at the Wall Market.


3 . 6 w a l l m a r k e t


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Ether, Phoenix Down, Hyper.

Aeris rejoins you (again) here. There’s a Save Point in the upper-right

part of the village. The building in the lower left is an inn, where you

can spend the night for 10 gil. To the right of it is the entrance to a

brothel. The building in the middle has nothing in it but a computer.

(If you touch it, a machine gun will fire at you and Cloud jumps away.

You can’t do anything here until later). Just above that building is an

item shop. North of the shop is a sushi bar. Finally, there is a

clothing store to the upper left and some sort of pottery store to the

upper right. A path by the clothing store leads to another part of town.

Here, there is a gym, a restaurant, and a weapon shop. In the northern

area lies a large building. If you go east from here, you’ll reach a

dead-end area.

Your objective in this part of the game is to sneak into the large

building where Tifa is being kept. To do this, Cloud will have to

dress up as a woman in order to get inside since men aren’t allowed

into the building. So, follow these steps to get the items you need

to ‘alter’ Cloud’s appearance. You may want to read this entire

section before starting so that you’ll know how your choices will

affect the game.

a) Go to the brothel and talk to the big guy with silver hair who’s

chatting with the bouncer at the door. Talk to him and pick the

first option to inquire about Tifa.

b) Go back to the building at the end of town (Corneo’s mansion) and

talk to the guy near the door. Aeris and Cloud will move away and

have a short conversation. She tells Cloud that he’ll have to

dress up if he wants to find out if Tifa’s okay.

c) Return to the first screen, go to the clothing store, and talk to

the store owner by standing near the bottom edge of the counter.

She’ll tell you that you can’t get a dress unless you do something

about her drunk father.

d) Go to the bar in the second screen and talk to the lone man by the

door. During the conversation, you’ll have to make two decisions.

So when you’re asked a question, pick either the first or second

choice. After you’re done talking to the man, return to the

clothing store.

e) At the store, you’ll see that the man from the inn is now behind

the counter. Talk to him and you’ll receive an item based upon

your decisions:

– If you answered: first choice, first or second choice, you’ll

get the Cotton Dress.

– If you answered: second choice, first choice, you’ll be given

the Satin Dress.

– If you answered: second choice, second choice again, he’ll give

you the Silk Dress.

f) Cloud will try on the dress, but won’t actually wear it. Leave

the clothing store and go to the second screen. Enter the gym

and converse with the woman (heh) by the fighting ring. When you

have the chance, pick the bottom option twice to start fighting,

although if you want to practice, you can choose the bottom

option, then the top one. Anyway, as soon as the message box

disappears, start pressing the S, X, and O buttons repeatedly in

that order. The object of the game is to go fast enough to make

Cloud do more squats than the African gymnast, but you don’t want

to press the buttons too fast or Cloud can’t keep up. It’s not

too hard to win since the other guy will often stop to scratch his

head, but you only have 30 seconds, so get in as many squats as you


– If you are able to do more squats than the gymnast, you’ll be

given the Blonde Wig.

– If you and the gymnast have the same score, the lady will give

you the Dyed Wig.

– If the gymnast does better than you, then the lady will give

you the Wig.

At this point, you can just return to the clothing shop and enter the

stall; Cloud will dress up as a woman and you can return to Corneo’s

mansion to get inside. You can also choose to not change yet and

explore more of the Wall Market, picking up items that you can use to

make Cloud more ‘feminine’. If you’re finished, then skip down a ways

to find out what to do next. Otherwise, keep reading (these events

can be done in any order):

g) Go to the pottery shop. When you have to choose an answer, pick

the top one twice. (You can’t talk to him unless you chatted with

the guard at the north building). Then go to the inn and pay 10 gil

to spend the night. In the middle of the night, you’ll find

yourself in front of the vending machine in the outer hallway. Pick

any option (I hope you have enough gil). The next morning, return

to the pottery shop and talk to the man to get an item:

– If you bought the first item (200 gil), he’ll give you the

Diamond Tiara.

– If you bought the second item (100 gil), he’ll give you the

Ruby Tiara.

– If you bought the third item (50 gil), he’ll give you the

Glass Tiara.

(Note that the dialogue here was changed from the Japanese version,

in which you were buying a ‘gift’ for the shopkeeper’s girlfriend

that he was too embarrassed to buy *can you guess?* Why this was

changed, I have no idea.)

h) Enter the sushi bar and walk past the empty seat. When a message

appears, choose the top option. Then choose any option, (you’ll

need 70 gil), followed by the middle choice (”the food was all

right”) to get a Pharmacy Coupon. Now go to the item store and

talk to the man behind the Counter Attack. Choose one of the three

options to get an item, then head back to the restaurant. Go to

the bathroom and talk to the woman inside. Accept the first choice


– You’ll get the Cologne if you traded the Coupon for the


– You’ll get the Flower Cologne if you traded the Coupon for the


– You’ll get the Sexy Cologne if you traded the Coupon for the

Digestive (medicine).

i) Talk to the large man in the white shirt who’s standing near the

edge of the screen in the first area to get the Member’s Card.

He won’t give it to you unless you talked to the guard by the door

of the Corneo’s mansion. Head right to arrive at the brothel.

If you talk to the bouncer, he’ll let you in once he sees the Card,

but Aeris won’t come with you (yes, they messed up the dialogue

here, too).

Inside the Honeybee Inn, you’ll find that the doors on the right side

are locked, but if you chose the bottom option, you can look inside

them and peer around using the control pad and the O button. If you

look in the upper-right keyhole, you’ll see a familiar face…a small

version of Cait Sith! If you go to the north room and talk to the

farthest girl on the right several times, you can choose the top

option to make her dance faster and faster. When you’re ready (you

better brace yourself), you can do one or the other:

Examine the lower-left door and pick the top option twice. In the

room, talk to the girl and pick the top option three times to take

a soak with Mukki and his friends. Answer however you like while

in the tub and Cloud will be given the Bikini briefs.

Or, examine the upper-left door and pick the top option twice.

Inside, talk to the ghostly Cloud near the stone tub and Cloud

will have a psychotic episode. When you come to, all your HP

and MP is restored, thanks to…Mukki

FFV Walkthrough Essay Research Paper 3Talk to him and choose

the bottom option. Then talk to the girl and you’ll get the


All done? There’s nothing left to do now but return to the clothing

store and dress up as a woman. When you finish, go to the large building

in the north and talk to the man by the food carts again. He’ll let you

into a posh-looking parlor. Now, go up the stairs and into the door on

the far left after talking to the receptionist. Then, go down the

staircase to the torture room (!) where you’ll find Tifa and an Ether by

the smoldering coals. Once she’s joined you, head back up the stairs

and go into the middle door. Inside is Tifa’s kidnapper, the nefarious

Don Corneo. He will examine each of you when you try to approach him.

Who he picks for his ‘friend’ is determined by what items you collected

in the Wall Market:

– He’ll pick Cloud if you’re wearing the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, and

have the ‘best’ extra items (the Diamond Tiara, Sexy Cologne, and

Lingerie or Bikini briefs.

– He’ll pick Aeris if you’re wearing the Silk Dress, the Blonde Wig,

the Lingerie and the Sexy Cologne (in addition to anything else you

may have).

– He’ll pick Tifa if you’re wearing the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, and one

or two of the extra items not mentioned above (or anything worse than


If Corneo picked Tifa or Aeris, then read below:

In the next room, examine the item bag by the bed to get a Phoenix Down,

and talk to the man by the television set after talking to the other

henchmen. After revealing your true nature to the love-struck goons,

they’ll fight you. This is followed by another fight with the other

three punks. Afterward, get Aeris from the torture chamber and then

go into the middle door again (if Aeris was picked, then you’ll meet

Tifa when you go outside). When you’re through intimidating Corneo,

look behind his bead for a Hyper, then stand by your allies. He’ll

make you choose one of three options. No matter which one you choose,

you’ll fall through a trapdoor.

If Corneo picked Cloud, then you’ll end up in his room. Search behind

his bed for a Hyper, then talk to him and answer anyway you like (if

you try to make Cloud kiss Corneo, then maybe you need to get out of

the house more….^_^;) Your friends will burst in and threaten him

(yeowtch!) and Corneo will ask you a question; pick any answer you

like and you’ll still plummet to the sewers below.


3 . 7 t h e s e w e r s / t r a i n y a r d

r e v i s i t e d


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Potion x4, Phoenix Down, Steal materia,

Hi-Potion x3, Echo Screen, Ether x2.

Once the cut scene with the Shinra flunkies ends, you’ll find yourself

in a sewer. Before talking to Tifa or Aeris, climb up the stairs to

the south and go along the walkway to nab a Potion. When you try to

escape, a blue monster appears attacks your party.


BOSS TIPS: APS LV: 18 HP: 1800 MP: 0

weak against Fire

His Sewer Tsunami attack hurts all members, so use Potions and the

Restore Materia to heal your wounds. Luckily, the Tsunami will damage

him, too (he uses this attack as a counterattack before dying if he can

manage it). When he does the reverse Sewer Tsunami, it causes less

damage to him. Fire spells work the best on him. Use Cloud’s Limit

Break to harm the boss and use Aeris’ Limit Break to heal yourselves.

You’ll receive a Phoenix Down for winning the battle.


Climb up the ladder and head right. Go down into the sewage, then up the

stairs. Grab the Yellow Materia (Steal) and go down the hatch. In the

next room, go down the stairs, then climb up the side of the curved

structure. Climb up the ladder and you’ll go outside. There’s a Save

Point here. Check out the oil drum nearby by entering the train car

(near the Save Point) to get a Hi-Potion. Get another Hi-Potion on the

roof of adjacent car, then hop off onto the iron beam and check the oil

drum to the north for an Echo Screen. Walk east, then south and enter

the nearby train car to get a Potion. Climb up the ladder, head north,

and climb down again. Go north once more through the train car, then

exit to your left to find a second Potion. Then, go north to arrive at

the next screen.

Here, circle left around the car to get a Potion. Circle left again to

find an oil can with an Ether inside of it. Go north and enter the

train to the right to move the other train car out of the way. Climb

atop the formerly blocked car to net a Hi-Potion. Now, ride the other

train back backwards, climb onto the eastern train car, jump onto the

train you just moved, and climb across it and the last car before going

down the ladder to get back to the front part of the Train Graveyard.

Head left. The Avalanche members will be fighting atop the support

pillar you first saw when you arrived at the base. After Wedge plummets

to the ground, save your game at the Save Point and talk to the man on

the left if you need to buy items. Climb up the stairs and you’ll meet

Barret, who is firing at the Shinra helicopter you saw back at the

plant. Reno will jump out, and you’ll have to fight him. Good thing

Barret joins you. When you inflict enough damage, the boss runs away!


BOSS TIPS: RENO LV: 17 HP: 1000 MP: 0

This guy packs a wallop. He can imprison your friends using his golden

Pyramid attack, and if he does this to all your members, you lose. To

break the pyramids, attack your allies (they won’t be damaged). Watch

for his spark bolt attack (which can paralyze you) and use your Limit

Breaks whenever possible. Ice works well on him. For some players,

this may be the first battle they lose! You’ll get an Ether for scaring

him off should you win.



3 . 8 i n t o t h e s k y


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Sense materia, Battery x3, Ether.

After fending off the boss, Tseng will kidnap Aeris (and p**p slap her)!

As he escapes, the entire city explodes and falls down a level,

destroying it. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret all come to in the playground at

the Sector 6 Slums. After Barret yells for Marlene, Wedge, and his other

friends, he and Tifa join you in the next area when you try to leave. Go

back to get a sparkling yellow Materia (Sense), before returning to Wall

Market. The man in the pottery store will now sell you Materia, and if

you go back to the parlor, you have the option of freeing one of Don

Corneo’s men from the torture chamber. Even if you got the Member’s Card

the first time around, you can no longer enter the brothel, by the way.

When you’re done, leave and go south from the playground. Return to the

Sector 5 Slum and go to Aeris’s house. Talk to Elmyra, her mother. You

can spend the night in the upstairs bedroom once the intermission ends.

Return to the Wall Market and go to the dead-end area near the parlor.

(you’ll see a bunch of kids run in there). Climb up the pipe, and you’ll

find yourself high above the town. If you haven’t gotten them already,

go to the ‘Machine & Gun’ store and talk to the man at the left end of

the store; he’ll sell you 3 Battery for 300 gil. You’ll need them

to activate the boxes in this part of the game. With that in mind,

examine the box-shaped object in the lower right to try and start a

nearby propeller. Head up, and you’ll jump onto the propeller. From

there, make your way to the other box and activate the painted barrier.

Climb up it, and use the O button to jump onto the swinging metal pipe.

Despite what Cloud says, jump when it is close to you (just as it stops

squeaking). After that, climb up to the next screen.

Here, climb up, then drop down to activate the next box and you’ll find

an Ether. Climb down the lefthand pipe and make your way back up again.

Instead of dropping down, continue up, and you’ll find yourself at

Shinra’s headquarters.


3 . 9 s h i n – r a h e a d q u a r t e r s


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Elixir, Elemental materia, Star Pendant, Four Slots,

All materia, Phoenix Down, Ether, Poison materia,

Grenade x1~3, Talisman, Enemy Skill materia,

Potion x4, Mythril Armlet, Protect Vest, Guard


There’s a Save Point here. You have the option of either heading to the

left and climbing up a stairwell (sneaking in) or barging in through the

front door (’kick some Shinra butt!’, as Barret would say).

Going up the stairs takes forever, but it’s free of enemies and you can

get an Elixir that’s lying on one of the landings. On the other hand,

going through the front door and taking the elevators in the back is

faster, but you have to fight several battles along the way. Not only

that, but you can chase around the Shinra staff before taking the


FFV Walkthrough Essay Research Paper 3(or at least, you could in the Japanese version. They

all ran away….) You can’t use the circular lifts by the doors yet, but

you can use them once you reach the 60th floor. If you go up the stairs,

you’ll see a door marked ‘Accessories’. Inside the room, you can look

at a monitor to see a short FMV sequence about Shinra’s producs (this

is the most overlooked FMV in the game). There are two chests here, but

the lady won’t let you open them. She will sell you items, though.

Remember, if you go through the front, check the control panel in the

elevator (the one that goes haywire) after each enemy enounter in order

to continue upwards. If you go up the stairs then change your mind and

go back down, you won’t have to fight anybody on the elevators, and the

main area of the ground floor will be empty (an easy trick for not

having to fight anyone

FFV Walkthrough Essay Research Paper 3).

No matter what method you use, you’ll eventually reach the 59th floor.

Head southeast and kill the armored guards to get the Keycard 60, then

take the lift to the 60th floor. Here, you’ll have to head to the room

in the upper-left and make it to the other side without being seen by

the patrolling guards. In order to stay hidden from them, pause behind

the gold statues, then lead Tifa and Barret across using the O button.

If you mess up, not only to you get attacked (ambush-style combat), but

you’ll have to start all over again. Keep in mind that the set of

guards on the right half of the screen move faster than the ones on the


Take the stairway up to the 61st floor. Talk to everyone here. A man

who asks you about Aeris will give you the Keycard 62 if you answer

“……”. On floor 62, talk to the man in the room, Domino, and the man

in white, (Hart) then check out the two library rooms. Answer Domino’s

question and he’ll give you the Keycard 65. The problem with this is

that the answer changes with each game you play. It seems like it would

be easy enough to simply try each answer until you get it right, but you

get an Elemental Materia for free if you answer correctly the first time.

So, it’s in your best interest to just reset and keep trying in order to

get the materia. Hart will help you out if you need it, but he’ll want

you to pay him first. To get the answer, simply look for the misplaced

files, write down the first letter of the file name, and when you get

all four, try to organize them into a word. Then talk to Domino, and

find which word matches the one you came up with (or at least hast the

letters you found). He gives you varying items depending on how many

tries it takes you (you’ll get lesser items if you mess up each time).

The 63rd floor is tricky. You have to collect 3 Coupons from all three

rooms, but you’re only able to open 3 doors at a time. You can reset

the doors by investigating the computer in the right-hand room, but that

also resets the location of the Coupons. You can move around using

walkways in the ducts; to enter them you have to climb into the black,

box-shaped structures (there’s one in the computer room). You can’t do

that unless you have at least one of the three items.

To get the items, follow this procedure: activate the computer, then

head to the top of the screen and open the gate farthest to the right.

Head right and open the left-hand gate, then walk right and go south

to enter the room where A Coupon is. Choose the top option to climb

into the black box and use the walkway to get to the room where B Coupon

is. Finally, go through the door in this room and open the door to the

left, then go north to enter the room containing C Coupon. Then use the

walkway to return to the computer room.

Now if you want, you can just trade one of the Coupons for an item,

but if you have all three then you’ll get all three items. The trade

setup works like this (choose ‘Coupon Change’):

– Trade Coupon A for the Star Pendant accessory

– Trade Coupon B for the Four Slots bracelet

– Trade Coupon C for the All materia

To get your items (depending on how many coupons you have) go to the

computer and choose the bottom option, then the top. Keep in mind

that you can only do this once.

On the 64th floor, you’ll find a Save Point and bedroom to your left.

You can use the machines in the exercise room, or waste 250 gil trying

to get a health drink (which you can’t actually get, BTW.) If you

examine the lockers in the back room, you can find a Phoenix Down,

an Ether, and a M-phone (HP Shout), but you can only take the first

two items for now. Head to the 65th floor.

Here, you have to open a treasure chest, then examine a broken section

of the model in the circular room and choose the top option to repair

it. This unlocks one of the other chests, allowing you to open it and

use the part inside to repair another section of the model. When you

have finished, you’ll get the Keycard 66 from the final chest. You

must fix the model in a counter-clockwise fashion starting from the

bottom. The order of the chests you open goes like this:

– Upper-left room: bottom chest

– Upper-left room: top chest

– Lower-left room: left chest

– Lower-left room: top chest

– Upper-right room: chest

– Middle-right room: get the Keycard 66 from here when you’re done.

On the 66th floor, you can either run into the meeting hall as quickly

as you can (if you took the elevator…it’s a glitch, and was possible

in the Japanese version, at least

FFV Walkthrough Essay Research Paper 3), or you can enter the stall in the

bathroom located in the northwest corner of the floor. Choose the

middle option, and you’ll climb on top of the toilet and enter an air

duct. Move forward to see what the Shinra members (Reeve, Palmer,

President Shinra, Heidegger, Hojo, and Scarlet) are discussing.

Climb back out, then climb up the stairwell after Hojo (the pony-tailed

scientist) in the room to the right of the meeting hall. Note that

you’ll end up in the air duct even if you ran into the hall…heh, heh.

On the next floor (67), talk to the people and keep following the

scientist. After looking in the purple chamber (and after Cloud gets

another headache), move beyond the crates and to the right to find a

Save Point and a treasure chest with a Poison Materia inside.

Enter the elevator to the north, and then watch as the scientist toys

with Aeris. Now, choose who you want to protect Aeris, (either

Barret or Tifa), and then you can name the lion-like creature (Red 13)

that was attacking Hojo. He’ll fight alongside you when the mutant

boss shows up. Don’t forget that Red 13 comes equipped with his own



BOSS TIPS: Sample:HO512 LV: 19 HP: 1000 MP: 120

Sample:HO512-OPT LV: 7 HP: 300 MP: 48

Don’t try to kill this guy’s little guardians; he’ll only create more.

Instead, use Bolt or Fire on him and try Restore to keep up your own

life power. Avoid using physical attacks, Ice, or Poison. This means

that Red 13 is better off using Fire against the boss than attacking.

This battle is easier if you have Barret, who can inflict more damage.

Don’t worry about getting poisoned since you can get infected again when

the boss uses the pink gas attack on your characters (there’s no point in

trying to de-poison yourselves). You’ll get a Talisman should you kill

the boss, and Grenades depending on the OPTs that you killed.


Tifa or Barret return after the battle (depending on who you chose).

You’ll be asked to make a new party (but you can keep the old one you had

before, if you wish). When you’re in control of Cloud again, be sure to

grab the yellow materia (Enemy Skill) that’s left behind in the sample

chamber. Then go up the ladder and head south. Talk to the man in the

gray coat to get the Keycard 68. Go back down to floor 66 and try

entering one of the lifts; you’ll get caught by Rude (he’s a Turk who

you’ll be running into constantly throughout the game). He and Tseng

will ‘escort’ you to a meeting with the president of Shinra. Afterwards,

you’ll end up in the jail cells on floor 67. Here, listen to everyone,

then go to sleep.

The next morning, you’ll find that your door is unlocked. Investigate

the guard, then talk to Tifa. Check the guard again to unlock the doors,

then look in on Barret and Red 13. After freeing your companions, return

to the lab and talk to Red 13. Talk to him again after taking the

elevator up to the 68th floor, then use the incline to reach the walkway

again. Go all the way along it until you find two purple Potions, then

climb back down and enter the door from the ground floor. The green bars

of light won’t hurt you; run through them and pick up two more Potions

before climbing up the stairs to the 69th floor.

Go out the center door to reach a Save Point. Then, run up either of

the purple stairs. Check out the dead Shinra president, capture Palmer,

then go through the door to the north to exit the room. Outside, talk

to the man in white. He’s Rufus, son of the Shinra president.

The other characters will return to the floor below, and you must lead

them outside (you can also choose to unequip Aeris’ and Cloud’s materia

in case you want to juggle them around for the upcoming battles). Your

team now consists of Red 13, Barret, and Aeris; don’t forget to re-equip

your Materia (it seems as if the top option removes it….) Head to the

lift (by taking the lower door). When you activate it, you are attacked

by a huge gun-wielding machine while going down the side of the Shinra




weak against Lightning

You can only use long-range attacks, so use Barret’s attacks and his

Limit Break as well as magic to harm this foe. Poison-based magic

inflicts no damage, while Bolt does the most damage. Red 13 is a

sitting duck if he doesn’t have any spell Materia equipped, so be sure

to deck him out with some magic spells (he can still use his Limit

Break). When you inflict enough damage, the boss starts to break down.

After the second collapse, he starts firing heat blasts that damage all

members, so be careful.


After killing the boss, you must fight a flying machine.



weak against Lightning

As with the other boss, don’t use Bio but do use Bolt. You may be weak

after the last battle, so make use of Potions, the Restore Materia, and

Aeris’ B1/1 Break (Healing Wind) to restore lost life. You’ll win a

Mythril Armlet when the boss dies.


The scene switches back to Cloud. Heal yourself if necessary, equip

Materia, then press Start. Rufus will then attack you. Feel free to

adjust his equipment/Materia if need be before the battle.



DARK NATION LV: 18 HP: 140 MP: 80

Kill the panther guardian first, then go after the boss. Although you

can’t do anything about the panther casting Barrier on Rufus, you can

use magic instead to inflict damage. He can only hurt you with his

shotgun, so don’t worry about healing yourself after each round (just

heal yourself when your life gets lower). Sock him with your Limit

Breaks and he’ll escape onto the circling helicopter after you’ve

damaged him enough. Cloud will get a Protect Vest and a Guard Source

when the battle ends.


Leave the rooftop and head back to where Tifa is waiting for you. As

Aeris, try to approach the front doors. After a short conversation,

you and the gang will escape by motorcycle (and truck). Your team is

now made up of Cloud, Tifa, and Barret.

An option screen appears where you have the following options:

S Left Attack

X Switch members

O Right Attack

T Main Menu

Start Return to game

Be sure to re-equip Materia before returning to the game!


3 . 1 0 e s c a p e !



Use the controller to move any any direction. Pressing S makes you slash

to the left, and pressing O makes you slash to the right. The object

here is to protect your friends in the truck from enemy cyclists.

Eventually, you’ll reach a dead end and fight the boss. The amount of

life you start off with during the battle depends on how much life you

and your friends lost during the high-speed escape. If a character lost

all his life, he begins with only 1 point when the battle starts, but

since the boss gets to make the first attack, they’ll have to be revived

using Phoenix Downs if there are any party members who survived. The

boss is a spiked, armored robot with six wheels.



weak against Lightning

This boss gets a free attack from behind…sheesh. Most of his attacks

do little damage, but his Firethrower and flying fire sweep attacks

can kill your party in a single blast (the fire sweep does around 220

damage)! The best way to beat this group is have your party consist of

Aeris and Barret. Give the All and Restore materia to either Cloud or

Barret, and give the other character Lightning. This way, you can heal

with one character, attack with another, and then use Aeris’ Limit Break

to keep your life up at all times. Ice works better than Fire against

the boss (for those characters that don’t have Lightning equipped).

Remember, your rows are reversed when attacked from behind, so put Cloud

and Barret in the back and Aeris in the front if you want them to line

up properly when the boss shows up (assuming that’s who you use…I found

that they worked the best). If you beat the boss, you’ll get a Star




3 . 1 1 k a l m t o w n / c h o c o b o f a r m


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Ether x3, Peacemaker, Guard Source, Choco/Mog


You’ll find yourselves outside of the gate after beating the boss (you

could also see this scene by going south from the church where you met

Aeris the first time). Decide who will be in your group, then head

towards the screen to exit and arrive at the World Map (the outside


Outer World Controls

T Menu Screen

L2/R2 Change from overhead/side view

L1/R2 Same effect as L2/R2

Turn left/right (during side view)

Start shows World Map

Start x2 Shows Large World Map

Start x3 No map is shown

Select Same as Start

Kalm Town isn’t far from Midgar; you should be able to see it if you

walk north a ways. Go into the inn to see the rest of the gang waiting

for you. Cloud will talk to the others about Sephiroth via a series of

semi-interactive flashbacks:

- You’ll start off in a truck being driven by Shinra soldiers. After

talking to the soldiers and Sephiroth (Cloud’s former ally in the

Shinra army and now a wanted criminal), the truck will be stopped

by a dragon. You’ll have to fight it, but Sephiroth (who is Shotgun-

powerful) can kill it in two hits. In the flashback, Cloud’s

portrait is different; this ‘Young Cloud’ is of a low level, but

Sephiroth is so strong that you need not worry about losing battles.

However, you can’t control Sephiroth’s actions and you can’t hurt

him (because of your low level), either. Although Young Cloud comes

equipped with an Pre-emptive materia and Sephiroth has several

mastered materia equipped, you can’t take them for your own (although

you can if you use a Game Shark code…see section 14). Also, Young

Cloud and Sephiroth can’t use Limit Breaks (because they don’t have


- After the battle, you’ll end up in Nivelheim, Cloud’s hometown.

Talk to Sephiroth and the guards if you wish, then head north.

If you want to look around the town, feel free to, but nothing

you do during this part of the game has an affect on the rest of

your quest (although is does affect the character’s questions

and reactions to Cloud’s story). One thing you might want to do

is go into Tifa’s house (the large building on the ’southeastern’

side of town). You can read her stuff, play the piano (if you

play the ‘Highwind’ theme, Cloud will act like he remembers it

from somwhere), or even search her closet (hey, they changed

’slightly-stretched underwear’ to ‘orthopedic underwear’. What’s

the big deal?

FFV Walkthrough Essay Research Paper 3) Also note that you can’t get Vincent Valentine

during Cloud’s flashback because you can’t examine the safe

FFV Walkthrough Essay Research Paper 3

- When you’re done looking around town, go to the inn and head

upstairs. Talk to Sephiroth and choose to get some sleep.

The next day, talk to Sephiroth and get your picture taken, then

sit back and watch the FMV. When you’re in control of Cloud,

head along the bridge and talk to Tifa, then talk to her again

further along the bridge and it will break. After you’ve

recovered, head northeast into the cave, then keep heading north.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at the Jenova plant. Enter it, head

along the beams, then walk onto the wood platform and climb down

the chains and go after Sephiroth. Talk to him in the next area,

examine the chamber to the left of Sephiroth, then talk to him

twice, once to make him move out of the way and once to make Cloud

look inside the chamber. After Sephiroth goes ballistic, you’ll

return to Kalm Town. Pick the top option to save your game, or

the bottom option to continue. Cloud’s narrative starts off back

at Nivelheim, where he enters the large mansion at the edge of


- Inside, climb the two staircases and head to the right. Enter the

lower door and make your way into the next room; if you examine

the circular part of the stone wall, a passage appears. Enter it

and climb down the spiraling walkway until you reach the bottom;

keep walking from here to find a library. Leave after Sephiroth

finishes talking. After Cloud wakes up, return to the library.

Sephiroth gives a little speech then he exits the mansion; return

to the town square. Try entering the house to your right.

- Back at the Jenova plant, return to the area with the chambers after

witnessing the struggle between Tifa and Sephiroth. Examine Tifa to

carry her out of harm’s way, then run up the stairs and enter the

door that Sephiroth opened. After the FMV sequence, Cloud’s

flashback ends and you are returned to Kalm Town.

Note that you have to go to Kalm Town to proceed with the game; you

can’t make your way through the Mythril Mines beforehand, although you

can visit the Chocobo Farm if you want to. As for treasure, there’s an

Ether in the door beneath the stairs in the house near the inn, another

Ether in the cabinet on the second floor of the house to the right of

that house, and a Peacemaker in the chest on the second floor of the

third house (take the curving stairs). If you take the normal stairs in

the same house, you can get a Guard Source in the cabinet by the little

girl. Finally, in the house on the other side of the town, there is an

Ether in the door beneath the stairs on the north wall of the first

floor. Oh, you’ll be given the PHS (Party Hensei System) when you talk

to your allies on the first floor of the inn; it allows you to switch

group members whenever you want, providing that you’re in the World Map

or standing on a Save Point (there are a few exceptions to this rule).

Leave the town and head east to reach the Chocobo Farm. Talk to the

Chocobo at the front end of the pen and choose the top option to see

the big yellow birds dance; you’ll get the Choco/Mog materia afterwards.

Then, talk to Choco Billy (the man with the hat) in the stables behind

the pen. Choose the first option, then the 4th option, then the top

option again. Providing you have 2000 gil to spare, he’ll sell you a

Chocobo Lure materia, which lets you attract chocobos to ride.

To catch a chocobo, wander around outside on the chocobo tracks (in

this area of the game, you can meet them on the light patches of

grass, too), until you are attacked. If a chocobo is one of your

opponents, then kill off the other enemies and when the battle ends,

you’ll be riding the chocobo. If you attack the chocobo, it will

hurt you and the other enemies, then escape, so you’ll have to try

again. Don’t forget, you can only fight chocobos if you have the

Chocobo Lure materia equipped. When riding a chocobo, your can move

around normally, and you won’t get attacked by enemies. You can press

X to dismount, but if you do this, the Chocobo will run away and you’ll

have to catch another one.

A little to the south and directly west of the Chocobo farm is a cave,

but a creeping snake in the marsh before the cave entrance will rise up

to attack you. Instead of trying to kill it now, go get a Chocobo

instead, who can outrun the snake and enter the cave. Yes, you will

still get attacked if the snake touches your chocobo.

Note that you can run across the marsh on foot, but nothing special

happens if you do so (and it’s nigh-impossible to pull off without

running into Midgar Zolom).



This boss has two deadly attacks: one is a tail swipe that knocks a team

member off-screen and puts them out of commission for the rest of the

battle. The other one is the Beta enemy skill, which inflicts around

1000-1200 points of damage (which spells instant defeat if your allies

are weak, although you should try to pick up this skill if you have a

Teki no Waza equipped). Along with his bite attack, this serpent can be

a tough enemy if you try to fight him earlier in the game. It’s easier

if you try to defeat him after you have Cid’s airplane, since you can

use Limit Breaks and powerful summon and magic spells to kill it.

Unfortunately, you get a measly amount of EXP, AP, and gil for beating

the boss and what’s worse, he reappears when you return to the World

Map, so you’re right back where you started.


Note that if Midgar Zolom knocks one of your allies off-screen, the

game won’t end should the other members be killed; instead, you’ll find

yourself standing at the edge of the marsh.

The first time you get across the marsh, you’ll see a large snake

impaled on a tree. Just exit the screen to continue playing. Also, if

you get off your chocobo while on the patch of grass before the mine

entrance, he’ll stay there in case you need to return to the farm (this

doesn’t seem to happen all the time–I don’t know why). If you’re

strong enough, you can get to the Mythril Mines without ever having to

go to the Chocobo Farm.


3 . 1 2 m i t h r i l m i n e / j u n o n t o w n


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Ether, Tent, Long Range materia, Mind Source x2,

Elixir, Power Wrist, Shiva materia, Grenade or

Potion x6 or Ether x6, Enemy Skill materia, 1/35

Shinra x2, Luck Source, Power Source, Guard Source,

Speed Plus Source, Silver Glasses or HP Plus or Force


Inside the Mythril Mine, head northeast to find a green Ether on the

stone steps. In the chest is a Tent, so be sure to grab it. If you try

climbing up the brown vine on the western rock face, you’ll find a purple

materia (Long Range). Climb back down, return to the first area, then

head left. Make your way southeast to find a chest with a Mind Source

inside, then head west to reach the next area.

Here, you’ll run into some of the Turks again: Rude, Elena, and Tseng.

Once they leave, walk north. There’s a chest with a Elixir inside it

and a Hi-Potion just to the north of the chest. Return to the area

where you met the Turks, climb up the vine, and go through the door to

exit the mine and return to the World Map. From now on, you can meet

Yuffie in the forests and have her join you (refer to section 8.1 for


Nearby is a rocky outcropping with a huge bird statue atop it, the Condor

Fort. Enter it and choose the second option when talking to the man out

front. After climbing up the rope, you’ll find yourself in a town built

into the rock itself. There is a Save Point, item shop, bedroom (you can

sleep for free), and Materia shop here. Talk to everyone. If you have

enough Gil, you can hang around and fight the ‘mini-battle’ as many

times as you want (it’s fun!). Otherwise, leave and go northwest through

the forest to Junon Town by the shore. For information on fighting the

battles, refer to section 7.8 (Having Fun).

*KM’s note – Okay, folks, from here on out, it’s all based on the

Japanese version of my FAQ (mostly). So enjoy, and I’ll be back with

more info and additions next time!*

Once you arrive at Junon, talk to the villagers, then go down the stairs

to the shore. Here, a young girl named Purishira is playing with a

dolphin. Out of nowhere, a big flying boss shows up and attacks her,

then your party.


BOSS TIPS: BOTOMUSUWARU (Bottom Swayer) LV: 23 HP: 2500 MP: 100

There’s not much to worry about; just attack with Lightning or Poison-based

spells and keep your life up. Since this guy’s flying, some characters

can’t attack him (like Tifa), while some can (like Cloud). Find out

which guys should be casting magic and which should be attacking early on

in the battle. Sometimes, the boss puts an HP-reducing bubble around a

character. It only disappears if you cast a magic spell upon it (this

won’t hurt the ‘bubbled’ person). If you have the Affect All materia,

you can use this to cast a spell on the bubbled person and the boss at

the same time. Before dying, the boss will attack with a wave, (he

can do this normally, but always does one before he disappears) so watch

out and make sure your hp is high enough to withstand an attack. If you

want, you can equip characters (like Barret) with weaker, long-ranged

weapons so that they can attack the boss, but it may not be worth it.

You’ll receive a Power Wrist when the battle is over.


After killing the boss, you’ll have to revive Purishira. To do this,

watch the lung-shaped meter that appears in the upper right. Press

the S button once to make the meter start to raise. Just as it reaches

the top, press S again to make Cloud breathe into the girl’s mouth.

It will take a couple of tries. Afterwards, go to the house near the

entrance to town and talk to the person there (for some reason, choosing

the top option won’t make Cloud go to bed, but if you go back in the

house and try again, he will go to sleep).

During the night, Cloud will have another bad dream. In the morning,

leave and go to the house above the stairs (your friends will be

gathered near it). Purishira will give you the ‘Summon Shiva’ materia,

a gift for saving her life. Follow her to the shore, then talk to her

a second time. Barret will show up and the girl will keep talking;

when you have the chance, choose the middle option. Your goal in this

part of the game is to leap atop the iron beam above the electrical

tower so that you can sneak into the heart of Junon Town. Your

controls are:

X Swim faster

S Makes the dolphin flip you into the air

If you get to close to the electric blasts traveling along the tower,

you’ll get shocked and will have to try again (just pick the second

option). The easiest way to get up there is to simply not move and

press S. The dolphin will miss and deposit you near the bottom of

the screen. However, you’ll be perfectly positioned, so if you press

X again, Cloud will land on the beam. Once you’re on it, head to the

left to get a good view of the flying airship ‘Highwind’. Make your

way south (towards the ‘front’ of the screen) to continue.

The next area has a higher and lower level. If you investigate the box-

like switch, you’ll be taken to the lower level. From there, head south

to find a building. There is a projecting roof nearby which has a door

underneath it; just press against the edge and you’ll enter a hallway

filled with soldiers. In the halls, go up to find a locker room. Check

out the half-open locker and choose the second option to dress up as a

guard. When the captain of the guards asks you another question, pick

the bottom answer.

Then, leave the locker and take note of the Save Point before heading

through the door (follow the other soldiers). Now that you’re outside,

go into the first alleyway. You’ll come across a group of marching

soldiers. The head guard will want you to join in and march with them

perfectly, so it may take a couple of attempts before this event will

end. You also have to move your gun in time with the soldiers by

pressing and releasing the O button. Depending on how high or low the

counter was during this scene (the one in the lower right-hand corner),

you will get the following:


21% = Grenade Item

37% – 39% = Potion x6 Item

45% (?) = Ether x6 Item

(I’ll figure out the rest later….)

Afterwards, you’ll have to stand at attention while Rufus and Heidegger

talk to each other…press in any direction and the captain of the guard

will tell you to ge


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